About The Author

Katie Salidas is a USA Today bestselling author and RONE award winner known for her unique genre-blending style.

Since 2010 she's penned five bestselling book series: the Immortalis, Olde Town Pack, Little Werewolf, Chronicles of the Uprising, and the all-new Agents of A.S.S.E.T. series. As her not-so-secret alter ego, Rozlyn Sparks, she is a USA Today bestselling author of romance with a naughty side.

In her spare time Katie also produces and hosts a YouTube talk show; Spilling Ink. She also has a regular column on First Comics News where she explores writing from a nerdy perspective.

It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint.

I keep telling myself that... not a sprint! 

I’m not on Twitter very often these days, as I just don’t seem to “get it,” but I do pop on every now and again. During one of those quick pops over to Twitter I met another author who had mentioned after 15 books, they had to end their publishing career due to lack of sales. It’s not uncommon these days. Many indies are finding it’s just not cost effective anymore to continue on with their dreams of being an author.

I’ve talked about this before. The market is flooded. There are thousands of books being published every day and it’s very hard for indies to stay afloat amid the swelling tide. I too feel I’m in over my head more often than not. Even with ten books under my belt and a few more under a pen name I feel like I am being pulled under.

Five years since publishing my first novel, I do understand that being an author is not a race to riches. I know that famous authors are few and far between, but authors can and have made a living from their words. I’ve been working towards that with every book I publish. I don’t need to be rich. Just comfortable enough to pay the bills.

The old adage, It’s a Marathon…, is something I use a mantra.

But with sales dwindling with each new release, and bills piling up at home, is it time to throw in the towel, or maybe reinvent myself?  I’m going to try the latter, and cross my fingers.  But, I’ll need 
your support too! Likes, shares, tweets, reviews, etc… It all ads up.

I started with re-releasing the covers of my Immortalis series.

Next I’ll be trying out a new genre that I had previously not wanted to touch… YA. With a new Werewolf novel, Pretty Little Werewolf.

I’d rather not give up. I've never been a quitter. I love writing. I love all the wonderful readers I have met along the way on my journey. So, I am hoping things turn around. There are other indies doing well. I’d like to be one of them.