A Simple Marketing Tactic You Should be Using

Those cutie pictures with funny sayings. They spread around the web like wildfire and all it takes is a quick “click” for readers to share with their friends. And they’re simple to make too.

Take your cover image, take a quote from your book, post it with a link to buy, and BAM!

Post them on Facebook. Post them on Twitter. Pin them. You can see how easy these would be to use. When it comes to marketing your work, free is best. Memes are eye catching and really cost nothing to make. So, if you're not using them, start now. 

Here are a few I’ve used in the past.  If you’ve got some, share in the comments section.  Maybe we can start a sharing chain. 


Laura Hunsaker said...

where do you go to make them? Or do you have photoshop?

Katie Salidas said...

I use photoshop, but GIMP is a free program that anyone can use to do simple photo manipulation.

Laura Hunsaker said...

okay, cool. I've been trying picmonkey, which I like, but I can't figure some things out. I'll try GIMP. Thanks!

Katie Salidas said...

Give GIMP a try. I think you'll like it.