Author On The Road Update!

Back from my Michigan trip a little late, which is why this message is going out later than my regularly scheduled Friday updates. Apparently Michigan loved me enough that it wanted to keep me there. I was supposed to leave on Wednesday, but after many flight delays that led to missing my connecting flight, I opted to stay an extra day with my awesome friends in Michigan. Speaking of the Michigan trip, it was amazing. The Herrick District Library is absolutely fabulous!!

If you weren't able to be there for the live recording, you can catch it on the RAVEN podcast. 

Live Show! 

Story Craft Seminar!

Next up on my Author On The Road tour is my final event of the summer! If you're in the Vegas area, you will not want to miss this!!

 combat con

That's all the news I have for you today! I'll be back next week with more updates. For now, enjoy some book deals and sales from some wonderful authors, thanks in part to StoryOrigin for providing the platform for authors to share their work with new readers!

book cover
$2.99 / Or Read on Kindle Unlimited
Toonopolis is a cartoon city that is home to the thoughts and ideas of all sentient beings in the universe. As the center of the Tooniverse, it acts as an other-worldly rest stop for these creations.

book cover2
This first book in the series "A Quest for Ancient Wisdom" also serves as a prequel to Rhuna's adventures.


ALL GENRES: Star-Crossed: Mix-Matched Parings of Colleagues, Family, Friends, Lovers or Others
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Dark Fantasy Books
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Summer Freebies and Reads, July Edition

First we start off with some exciting news! 

I've been holding on to this one for a while now and I've finally been given clearance to share. I'm working on a brand new series with the amazing author, J. E. Taylor. This will be a trilogy of books with the first one schedule for release in December of 2019. The second and third books in this series will be scheduled to release in early 2020 so this will be a quick release. Right now we are about to go into editing for book 1, Beneath!

Upcoming Events. 

I'm Michigan bound this week, heading for the Herrick library to teach a class on writing and plot structure. This is a FREE to the public event, so if you're in the Holland Michigan area July 15th and 16th you will definitely want to stop by. 

Book Sales and Freebies

book cover

It begins with the breaking of a gentle monster.
A medium cannot kill. A medium must not kill. And a medium should never become a vampire.

 urban fantasy
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Humorous Fantasy and Sci-fi Group Author Book Giveaway
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 fantasy romance
Lovers of the Light
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End of June Summer Reading Sales and Freebies !

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 Magic Escapes

Magical Escapes
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Specials and Sales!
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 Michelle Ziegler
He can't deny her...
She can't deny her magic.
In the end, do they have a choice?
$2.99 Kindle

 Carissa Andrews
For the past two-thousand and some odd years, Diana Hawthorne has always been able to see the past, present, and future with near perfect accuracy. Her only blind spot has been herself. The first twenty years of her existence is a complete blank and she doesn’t know why. 
Then she met Blake Wilson
$2.99 Kindle

We don't always have time to read.... Sad, I know.

But there are other ways to devour good books!

Audio books are my go-to for easy listening on the daily commute, during long trips, and (shhhh, don't tell the kids) I sneak away to my bathroom and listen to them with a glass of wine while taking a hot bath too. 

You have to have an escape, am I right? 

Anyway. I know I bombarded you with links for the ebooks a few days ago, and I know you want to read all those awesome stories, but you might be having problems finding your quiet place to do that. 

I have a solution! 

The Chronicles of the Uprising books are available on Audible too!!
And, as a bonus, first time members to Audible can download a listen to their first book FREE!!
Click on any book cover below to go to audible and claim your first FREE listen. 

 Dissension      Complecation
 revolution      transition
 revolution      annihilation