Sharing the book love!

Sharing the love!
I post a lot about my own books, but let me take a moment to introduce you to two other authors and their awesome offerings!

Lost Angels: A Supernatural & Paranormal Romance Novel (The Lost Archangels Book 0) by [Creed, Tatenda]Lost Angels: A Supernatural & Paranormal Romance Novel

Supernatural collides with Mortal instruments and Vampire Diaries.
Dare to begin the passionate, thrilling, and provocative journey of love, dilemmas, sacrifice, and an epic love story? Prepare to be addicted… Grab the Prequel, Lost Angels, and unveil the mystery behind the romantic and addictive series of The Lost Archangels.

Busy collecting prayers, on top of watching over the Archangels, it's another day for Jude Thaddeus to prove his perfection to Father God. He intends to uphold his impeccable record and become an Archangel. Nothing must come between him and his desire.


After years of planning, Lucifer has discovered a means to kill his siblings, the Archangels. It’s a perfect plan. One he’s sure Jude will not see coming. Neither will the Archangels who’ve now become complacent, self-righteous, judgmental, and arrogant.

The battle begins when Ava, the woman chosen to veil the Sacred City of Ashbourne, cries out for help.

Everyone has a plan, a need, or a desire, except they forget the one plan that matters most—God’s. The outcome is shocking, one that triggers a never-ending battle, and unveils a love story like no other.

Revenge. Resentment. Betrayal. None is more unbearable than the Agony of Love.

Myleah: Fallen Into Shadows Prelude by [Hawkins, Imani L]Myleah: Fallen Into Shadows Prelude
One death can destroy many...

Myleah, a Fallen angel, had been through hell and back, only to be discarded by the very people she'd given her all to. But when a Fallen angel is brutally slaughtered, Myleah is called upon by those same people to use her gift of sight to bring the killer to justice.

Myleah is forced to face her demons as she navigates the new world of the Fallen, taking down anyone who stands in her way to redemption. Desperate for vengeance, she rains down destruction on anyone who opposes her. But the lines have been drawn, and she soon discovers she is nothing but a pawn a game with incredible odds.

Will Myleah choose to stand with her own kind against the humans? Or will she find salvation in the arms of the small human boy who'd taken her in when the Fallen had turned their backs on her?

Magic in Disguise - Chapter 2 Sneak Peek





All the eagerness she’d had to get back to work evaporated the moment Sage breached the threshold of Ava’s office. Her boss sat, busy as ever, behind the wall of her laptop, shuffling piles of paper from her overflowing inbox to another stack of documents towering on the other side of her desk. Ava either had not noticed them come in, or as Sage suspected, was playing a game of dominance.
“You wanted to see us?” Sage called out.
Ava’s head popped up. Her turquoise eyes narrowed as she inspected Sage from head to toe. If only Terras had been gifted with mind reading. Ava Masters had a poker face better than anyone Sage had ever seen. Mouth set in a hard flat line. No hints of a smile or smirk. No body language to signal intentions. Ava kept her posture neutral as her gaze traveled toward their target, Sage’s gloved hand.
“Shut the door and sit.” Ava barked the order, and Sage found herself jumping from sudden shock. Ava set down her pages and closed the laptop, then folded her arms and waited for Sage to do as she was told. Every movement felt calculated and controlled, more so than usual. Almost as if Ava had some apprehension about being in the room with Sage. But that couldn’t be possible. Ava didn’t strike her as the type who feared anything, and even if she did, no one would ever see it.
All the posturing left a bitter taste in Sage’s throat. Tests. That’s what this was. But what were they testing? How was she supposed to act?
Some days she regretted telling Mark she couldn’t work with him. Back home in Phoenix, he’d been a surrogate father. Never too busy to stop what he was doing, he’d always greeted her with warmth. He made her feel comfortable to come to him with anything. Ava held the same top-level position in the Vegas office, but her approach to being the head honcho was more despot than director. 
“Enjoying your vacation, Miss Cynwrig?” Ava’s tone was anything but casual.
 “I wouldn’t exactly call it a vacation.” Sage struggled to control the tremble in her voice. This felt too much like a trap. She turned sideways looking for Grey, but he hadn’t taken the other seat.
“It wasn’t meant to be.” Ava’s shrill reply worked like a slap to the face, refocusing Sage’s attention back on her boss. “Have you sorted out your domestic situation?”
“Do you need me in here?” Grey hovered near a chair as if expecting to be told to vacate it the moment his cheeks hit the cushion. “I can wait outside.”
“Sit, Mr. Maddox.” Ava pointed to the other chair with her perfectly manicured finger. “I’ll get to you in a moment.”
He responded immediately, like a well-trained pup, taking the chair and leaving Sage to wonder exactly how bad his week with Ava had been. Maybe she had gotten the better punishment after all.
Ava cleared her throat, and Sage snapped to attention.
“My domestic situation is…uh…being managed,” Sage answered. “I believe I’m ready to return to work.”
“You’ll return when I say.” Ava held out her hand. “Show me your palm, please?”
At least she asked nicely. Sage pulled off her gloves and held her damaged hand out for inspection.
Ava snapped it up with the speed of a viper and yanked her forward with such strength Sage nearly came out of her seat.
The poker face faltered. Ava’s expression shifted between curiosity and concern the longer she scrutinized Sage’s palm. She knew it was bad, but for her boss to let slip the control she had over her expression was truly telling.
Darkness, that had started as a small spot marking the place where the seed had embedded itself, had grown, slowly stretching out in all directions as it claimed new territory across her hand. The epicenter remained black as pitch, lightening a little across the recently deadened skin. Like bruises, her hand was splotched purple and blue. The outer areas of the seed’s reach had turned yellow, not quite succumbing to the darkness but clearly losing the fight. All of it a stark contrast to the creamy color of her undamaged skin. Her hand was dying. Slowly, but dying all the same. A truth Sage did not want to admit aloud. The black mark had grown from nothing in the space of a week, and she felt the scream of every nerve before being silenced. How long would it be before her whole body was covered by this cursed black mark? What would become of her when it did?
“I’m assuming there is pain to match the outward symptoms,” Ava said without an ounce of sympathy in her voice. “Manageable, I expect?”
“Better when I am clear of magic, not so much at other times.”
“I’d like to run a few tests.” Ava dropped Sage’s hand, letting it crash on her desk.
Grey leaned in, resting his chin on his hands. He could have warned her this was going to happen. At least give her a heads-up she was becoming a lab rat.
Falling into the trap of self-pity was too easy. Temptation she’d been struggling with for the last week. But maybe she’d been looking at it wrong. Maybe Ava didn’t know all. Maybe she needed to be the lab rat. Yes. Sage nodded to herself. Work toward a cure. Stay positive.
Ava reached to open the topmost drawer in her desk. “We need to see how that thing responds to stimulus.” She pulled out a crystal sphere, the kind of mystical see-into-the-future equipment that would be used in a fortune teller’s tent.
Sage almost made a Great Zoltar joke to lighten the mood, but caught herself before she stuck her foot in her mouth. Boss lady wasn’t the joking type, and Sage was already on the ‘problem child’ list.
Ava held it up, letting the light hit it, awakening an inner light within the sphere. Deep within the center, a tiny glowing ember of blue light pulsed. Magic. Hidden from mortal eyes, but clearly visible to the Terra. The seed pulsed within Sage’s palm, sensing the magic, burning with hunger. Even before Ava’s prompt for her to, “Touch it,” Sage felt the pull. As if the seed had already reached out and lassoed the orb, it drew her hand upwards to take hold of it.
She cringed, fighting against the tractor beam guiding her. The wrath of disobeying would be nothing compared to the pain in her hand, but still she struggled to willingly reach out and cause herself pain. Slow, deep breaths, in and out. Sage closed her eyes and gave in.
Electricity jolted through her body. She yelped, yanking her hand back, and cradled it against her chest.
Ava picked up the crystal orb to inspect. She held it up in the light. The blue ember was no longer visible. “Let me see your hand now.”
Sage complied, holding out her palm for inspection. Residual echoes of the electricity still throbbed, sending pulses all the way up her arm.
“Not enough.” Tiny creases appeared on Ava’s brow. She pursed her lips as she closed in for a better look at Sage’s aching hand. “We need something more powerful.” Again, she dropped Sage’s hand, letting it smash down onto the desk.
“What are you hoping to find?” Sage asked.
Ava ducked down, opening the bottom drawer in her desk. “When I need you to speak, I will ask the questions, Miss Cynwrig.”
A snarky retort nearly leapt off the end of Sage’s tongue, but she held it back, turning her confusion toward Grey.
He looked just as uncertain as Sage. They exchanged confused glances and shrugs, further confirming that no one in the room had a clue what to do about her hand.
Ava popped back up from the drawer holding an ornately carved wooden stick in her hand. “Let’s run the test again.”
Sage wanted to refuse. She didn’t have a masochistic bone in her body, despite what everyone said about her always trying to kill herself, but knew her boss would only force her hand if she did. She took a moment to steel her courage, telling herself this is being done in the name of breaking the curse, though she didn’t doubt Ava was taking some pleasure in punishing Sage for her disobedience.
She sucked in a deep breath and readied herself for the pain that was sure to come.
Ava held out the wand. “Take hold of it, please, with your injured hand.”
The seed had already locked onto the magic. Like a magnet, it drew Sage’s hand. If she struggled, she could avoid touching it, but all she had to do was let go of control and the seed would guide her there. It throbbed hungrily, burning with an insatiable fire the moment she came close to the wood. Then it struck, the fiery stab like a white hot knife sliced through her palm the moment she made contact with it. Controlled by the seed’s desire, she gripped the wand tightly, her fingers wrapping around it, closing the connection. Invisible flames danced up from her hand, consuming her arm, her chest, spreading all across her body. She bit back a cry threatening to burst from her throat. Time distorted. Seconds felt like minutes. The seed lazily savored the power within the magical artifact. Sage was the conduit, feeling the magic flow through her and be incinerated. The seed was in control. She couldn’t release her grip if she wanted to.
Tears watered in her eyes. She held back from voicing her agony as long as she could, holding out until the power finally ebbed. She collapsed on Ava’s desk. The wand, finally free of her grip, clattered against wood.
“Are you okay?” Grey’s hand rested on her back. “You look like you’re about to puke.”
If he only knew how right he was, but the worst was over. She clutched her injured hand tightly to her chest, allowing small whimpers to escape as she panted through the remaining waves of pain and sat up again.
 “Do not mess up my office. If you’re going to be sick, use a bin.” Ava reached around her desk and pulled a trash can out.
“I’m fine. I’ll be fine. Just need a little air.” She took the trash can all the same.
“What you just… let’s call it neutralized, for lack of a better word, was The Wand of Wailing. It has been around for over a thousand years, wielded by many an Elemental druid.”
“Wait. Aren’t all elementals magic people?” Sage asked.
“Yes, dear, but wands are for focusing magic. After a time, they retain bits of power. They themselves become quite magical in their own right. We recovered this one last week. No need to put it in the archives now.”
Had Ava tried to make a joke? Sage couldn’t tell. Either way, she wasn’t in the laughing mood. Her body felt like an open wound, raw and tender.
“Let’s see that hand again, shall we?” Ava held her own out, waiting.
Sage allowed her boss to inspect it again, praying there would be no more tests.
“Very interesting.” Ava’s lip curled into an approving grin. “You see the black mark has reduced in size.”
Sage and Grey both leaned in to get a better look. Ava was right. The mark had not gone completely, but it had shrunk.
“What does this mean?” Sage asked, afraid to jump to a hopeful conclusion just yet.
“It would seem to indicate that the seed requires a certain level of magic to avoid drawing from your own.”
“But I have no magic.” Sage knew she’d said something stupid the moment the words left her lips. And Ava looked all too happy to be able to correct her.
“No active magic, no. You are by nature a creature of magic, Miss Cynwrig. Your power is in neutralizing. A very potent form of magic.”
“So it’s taking from me when it can’t take from another source?”
“It would appear so,” Ava answered.
“So we need to cut it out of her, then?” Grey jumped to his feet. “She’s had that thing in her palm for a week now, and look what it’s done.”
“And by feeding it magic, we have reduced the effect it has had on her,” Ava answered. “She’s in no immediate danger. However, as fond as you are of your blades, Mr. Maddox, we do not just slice people open on a whim. There may be consequences. This is unknown magic we are working with.”
“Do I get a say in any of this?” Sage asked, feeling as if she were being talked over rather than talked to.
“Only if your words add value to the conversation,” Ava replied sharply. “We already understand the impact this is having on you, as well as your ability to work. So if all you wish to add to the conversation is your desire to have it removed quickly, you need not speak.”
Sage slumped back in her chair.
“We do need to move quickly,” Grey said in her defense.
“I will take that into consideration. For now, Miss Cynwrig is to return home until further notice. See that she gets there safely. And when you have returned, Mr. Maddox, you will assist me in the records room. Dismissed.”

Magic in Disguise - Chapter 1 Sneak Peek for #Bookworms




How did I get here?
Deep within her hand, the twinges began. Sage stared at the ugly blemish blackening her palm. A few days earlier, the only deformity she could claim was the birthmark that labeled her a Terra: The Tree of Life.
The Great Mother had bestowed innate magical protection upon those who bore her mark. But all magic comes with a price. Especially for Terras. If only she’d read the fine print, she’d have been more careful with her gift.
Sage had been tasked with protecting the greatest weapon known to the magical community, The Seed of Destruction; daring to use its magic, however, earned her this penance. And if the ever-growing black mark on her palm was any indication of the consequences, she too, would ultimately be destroyed by the seed’s need to consume power. 
Pain was fast becoming her constant companion. Living in a house with vampires, she was never too far from magic. Dark or light, it didn’t matter. The seed burned with insatiable hunger for power. She clenched her fist tight, but it did nothing to silence the throbbing.
A knock at her front door provided a perfect distraction from all the negative thoughts that came to her during the lonely hours of isolation.
She jumped to her feet, happy to have any kind of company. Well, any kind of non-magical company. What she wouldn’t give for a pair of missionaries to drop by. She’d endure whatever religion they wanted to peddle as long as they would sit and have a cup of coffee with her. 
“What’s the password?” Sage called playfully as she clicked the door lock.
“Coffee,” Grey responded mechanically.
“That was last week’s password.” She yanked the door open, and met him with an impish smirk. “Try again.”
Grey stood, arms crossed, that silly fedora ever present on top of his head. She was tempted to knock it off, just to continue her playful greeting, but he beat her to the punch with an annoyed, “Grow up.”
Mercurial as ever, she never knew if he was going to play along with her jokes or throw a wet blanket on her good mood. Still, she had to try. He was the only person who visited her since she’d earned the scarlet letter at ASSET. Administrative leave, they called it. Sage had other words. Cabin fever, a slow decent into madness.
“Don’t you want to know the new password?” She stood her ground, hands on her hips, a flimsy barricade, more playful than purpose, but enough to prevent Grey from entering her home.
“You’re either going to let me in, or find a new way to get to work.”
After nearly a week without news, his words renewed her spirit. Her blockade crumbled. She reached out and yanked Grey into the apartment.
“Do we have a case?” Thank the Goddess! Real human…er…Terra interaction. Non-bloodsucker company. Vampires didn’t make the best of roommates. “Fill me in. Shifters, witches, trolls? Who needs our help?”
“Slow your roll there, newbie.” Grey cracked a smile. He had to know how much she needed this. How desperate she was for something useful to do.
She closed the door behind him and ushered Grey to the kitchen table. “Easy for you to say. You’re not on house arrest. I’d willingly jump on the back of your bike and ride across the country and back if it means getting out of this house.”
“Careful what you wish for,” he teased.
She pressed him down into one of the dining chairs and rounded the table to take the one opposite him. “I might be a newbie, but I’m not messing with wishes and djinn again. Hell no!” She crossed her fingers behind her back. Luke’s fate had been a need-to-know basis kind of thing, and even though Grey was her partner, she hadn’t quite let him in on that secret yet.
Luke was still very much alive and living across the walkway from her apartment too. Though he couldn’t possibly have retained his magic after what she’d done to him.
 “All right, there’s this kid.” Grey folded his arms on the table and leaned in closely. “Poor, pitiful little thing.” He whispered the words like a secret none but the two of them should share. “She got herself into a lot of trouble. Mixing with the wrong sort.”
“Really? Do we need to rescue her?” Chills prickled at the back of Sage’s neck. She bristled with excitement. This was her chance to make amends. Anticipation had her salivating for more information. She wouldn’t fail. “Who has her?”
“Oh yeah. She needs rescuing, all right. If I had my way the minute I brought her in, I’d have her locked up. For her own protection.” He snickered, breaking just long enough for Sage to catch the cruelty of his joke.
“Jerk.” She reached across the table and swatted the hat off his head. Too bad she’d been aiming for his cheek.
Grey laughed all the way to the ground as he ducked under the table to retrieve his fedora. His amusement vanished as he came back up. Eyes widened with fearful curiosity. He stared silently as if seeing Sage for the first time, only he hadn’t looked her in the eye. The target of his concern fell much lower than her face.
“You sure you’re up for working in your current condition?”
Sage hid her ruined hand behind her back, but it was too late. He’d already taken in the new damage. “I’m fine. I can still work.”
He stood and dusted off the hat before placing it back on his head. “I’d rather we get you sorted before hitting the field again, but Ava’s ordered you in for a meeting.”
She cringed at the prospect of another lecture from Queen High Bitch herself. “Should I be scared?”
Grey gave a noncommittal shrug. “Whatever it is, we’re partners, so we’ll take our lumps together.”
She stood and grabbed her keys off the wall hook. “Speaking of… How come I got sent home while you were still allowed to work?”
“I didn’t get anything stuck in my hand on our last mission,”—he pointed an accusing finger at her—“but don’t think I got off easy. Ava’s had me tied to her desk all week.”
Her mind instantly sank into the gutter, conjuring up a naughty vision of Grey bound at the wrist and ankles across Ava’s mahogany desk. Ava certainly fit the dominatrix persona, but Grey as a submissive? Nope. Can’t have thoughts like those. Bad Sage! Where was the mental bleach when she needed it?
“You’re right. Administrative leave is so much better. But I’m still ready to get back to work.” A sharp shock jolted through her palm quick as a strike of lightning. She winced, hissing as she clenched her fist tight enough to send her nails into her skin. The seed never failed to make its desire known. Even the prospect of being near magic was enough to awaken its insatiable hunger.
Grey was at her side before she opened her eyes, taking her hand in his. “You’re getting worse.” Carefully, he inspected the damage. Blackening skin spread out from the center where the seed had made its home, its darkness reaching out in all directions, devouring her slowly. He tiptoed the pads of his fingers across each of the lines in her palms.
The shocking tenderness of his touch took the edge off her pain. Tickled a bit too. Sage fought against the smile it brought to her face. It wasn’t like Grey to be so… Had he numbed her mind as well? What new magic was this? His gesture was stirring something else within her.
“Fine… I’m… Good. Can I have my hand back?”
He let go as if she’d burned him. “Does it hurt?”
So much! “A little. More when I’m around magic.”
“I don’t doubt that. You’re like a lightning rod caught in a thunderstorm. All the magic around you, right there for the taking.”
“To put it mildly.” She scrubbed her hands, trying to stop the tingling left in the wake of his grip.
“You sure you’re going to be okay?”
“I’m fine.”
“Good, because I don’t need my partner getting all weird on me when we’re out there dealing with whatever shitstorm Ava assigns us.”
Snarky tone. Condescension. Teasing. That she could handle. That didn’t send butterflies buzzing around her stomach. She reached for a pair of silver-lined gloves on the counter and slipped them on. Ava had suggested she wear them. She hadn’t tested whether or not it blocked the seed’s power, but better safe than sorry.
“Me, weird?” She waggled her silver-coated fingers at him. “Don’t know what you mean.”
“Maybe keep those in your pocket.”
“You think, Captain Obvious? Gloves in the desert, in the middle of summer. Might as well walk around with a neon sign on my head.” Looking weird was the least of her worries. It was the very real risk she could accidentally kill someone with a single touch that weighed heaviest on her mind.
“I know this is difficult. I’m proud of how brave you are being. You’re handling this so well.”
What the hell was that tone? He’d gone from snarking to simpering in a blink, talking to her like she was some fragile creature moments from shattering into a thousand pieces should he utter a negative word. Come to think of it, he’d been noticeably less Grey since she’d been cursed.
“Don’t talk to me like a lost cause.”
Grey stepped back as if she’d took a swing at him. “What?”
“You’re being too nice!”
His brow crinkled. Grey opened his mouth but no words came.
“You know something you’re not telling me, partner.” Sage threw her hands on her hips. He wasn’t going to weasel out of giving her an answer. He wasn’t a soft and gentle kind of guy. The new case was a charade. Sage was dying. Or worse. If there was a worse. That thought sent a whole different kind of chill slithering down her spine. 
“As long as I’ve lived, I’ve pissed off my fair share of women,” – Grey stared at her in disbelief – “but not once has any girl ever yelled at me for being nice.”
“You know what I mean.” She narrowed her eyes, daring him to blow more smoke up her ass. “You’re not being you. What world-altering devastation are you hiding from me?”
“Woah. Hold on there, Drama Queen.” Grey threw his hands up in the air, taking yet another step away from her. Any further and he’d plaster himself against the front door. “You jumped right onto the crazy train.”
“You’re an insufferable asshole, and that’s on a good day. But since this whole thing happened.” She pulled the glove off and shoved her blackening hand in his face. “You’ve been distant. And when I finally do see you, you’re speaking to me like…I’m some sort of…cancer patient who’s been given two weeks to live.”
“Put that away.” He swatted at her hand.
“No.” She held it firmly in his face. “Not until you tell me why you’re acting so weird.”
“Stop this now!” He took hold of her hand with a growl that made him sound part wolf. His grip was iron, tightening when she resisted, preventing her from pulling away.
“Let me go,” she demanded.
“You can’t hurt me. I’m not afraid of you. Probably the only person in your current circle of friends that can say that right now.” His breath came slowly as he moved her hand to his chest. Grey fixed the ruin of her palm directly over his heart.
Stubbornly, she gave one final attempt to pull free before resigning herself to his will.
 His heart knocked against her wounded hand. The steady rhythm vibrated powerfully through his chest, but it was the warmth that radiated from him that worked true magic. Each pulse of his heartbeat fought against the ache, absorbing it, neutralizing it, and steadily gaining ground against her pain.
He loosened his iron grip, letting the choice to continue their physical connection fall to her. Sage found herself floating somewhere in the neutral zone between pain and something much more intense. His thumb ghosted over the back of her hand, so tender, so intimate. She sucked in a frightened breath, realizing how much his touch had kindled within her. A wonderful distraction from the pain in her hand but sure to leave lasting scars on her heart. She wasn’t ready to let him past her defenses. This wasn’t the time for those thoughts anyway.
She let her hand fall, instantly regretting the loss of his warmth, and released her breath in an attempt to force with it all the stress she could expel from her body. Their physical connection had said what words couldn’t, and that scared her more than the meeting she would soon have with Ava.
 “You paid a high price for your service to the gods.” Grey’s voice cracked. He cleared his throat to cover the sound and leaned in, their noses almost touching. The silent way his eyes had begged her to come closer could not be unseen.
“It’s only temporary.” Her legs went soft like warm jelly. She backed away awkwardly, struggling to stay upright. “I’m sure ASSET had a way to fix this.”
“One way or another, we’ll set things right.” Grey mopped his face with his hands, wiping disappointment away as he replaced it with a stony mask of indifference. She’d have much rather he kept the smile, but ultimately his game face was what she needed.
“Yeah.” She chuckled nervously. “Because I’m not wearing these gloves for the rest of my life.” She turned away, her cheeks burning with raw emotions she wasn’t ready to process. Her focus had to be on removing the stone.
“Sage,” he called to her.
“You’re not going to die, okay? We will fix you.”
“Of course we will. I’d hate to inconvenience you with my death.” Sage found snarky comebacks flowed much more freely than heavy emotions.
“You know how much I hate paperwork,” Grey responded in kind.
“Good, because the alternative is the Luke Skywalker approach, and prosthetic hands are not that advanced yet.”
“You have a movie to reference for every situation, don’t you?”
“Pop culture is my second language.” She fit the glove back over her bad hand. “But I do draw the line at the Michael Jackson references.”  
“He only wore one glove.”
She snorted at his attempted humor. “You think I could get away with that?”
“Better safe than sorry. But if you’re itching to test the theory, I could hold Zack down for you.”
That was more like it. Grey was beginning to sound like himself. Dumb jokes and playful condescension she could deal with.
“Don’t tempt me. He’s been nearly as insufferable as you this last week.”
Grey’s lips twisted into a sneer. “Something you haven’t told me?”
Was that jealousy she detected? Sage nearly took the bait, but inciting another testosterone war wouldn’t help matters. “It’s just difficult having him live here at the apartment while he trains Matt, that’s all.”
“Better than the alternative.”
“You don’t have to listen to him. The one saving grace about my new little…affliction.” She wiggled her fingers again as if casting a magic spell. “He can’t come anywhere near me.”
“He’d only make that mistake once.”
“And I’d have more blood on my hands. First month on the job… What’s my tally?”
“You do have an impressive kill count for a newbie.” The wink he gave her held a little too much flirt in its wake.
Sage turned to the door before things got awkward again. “Let’s go see if I’m up for any awards, then.”
“Promise not to kill me?” Grey shoved her aside as he rushed to open the door. Yet another oddly un-Grey-like gesture.
“We’re meeting with Ava,” she reminded him. “Are you sure it’s not my head on the chopping block?”

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