Are you a Writer, Author, Professional Author, or Professional Writer? Do the titles really matter?

Another author friend of mine wrote a blog this weekend that got me thinking. Here’s the original blog, and here is the blog that blog references… confused yet. I’ll wait while you go read…

Back now? Great! Let’s continue.

The topic of discussion is about titles and if someone should hold it or not. It’s a topic that comes under debate between the two factions of Indie and Traditionally published authors. Who really deserves to be called what and why. Personally, I think we all need to quit sticking our noses into other people’s businesses and get to the business at hand… just keep writing. But, because it’s such a hot button issue, why not take a moment to suss out the bottom line.

Writers write things. Look it up. That’s the definition.

Authors write books. Again look it up.

So the part that bothers people is the fact that anyone can write a book these days and publish it online and POD (Print On Demand).

My assumption is that there is some inferiority complex at play here. Those in the camp of “Indie authors are not real authors” are somehow threatened by the fact that there are more and more people publishing these days. That perhaps it somehow devalues their own work.

Writing is tough work. Bottom line. To pen a novel of 60-80k words takes a lot of effort. The time involved in crafting a story is no small feat. It is time consuming. Even at a paltry 500 words a day, the time to write just a first draft would be 160 days. That’s just a first draft. Revisions, editing, layout and formatting, not to mention marketing of the book, all of these are time consuming. Those that get into this business don’t do it for the money, because it just isn’t there. They get into it because they love to tell stories. They want to share those stories with the world.

And I’ll bet that same bottom line is true for the Traditionally published authors as well. Their road to published work is very similar. They too take the time to craft the story, edit, revise, before submitting it to be published.

We’re all on the same team, no matter how different a road we take to getting our words out there. So, why the hate? Why do we have to squabble over labels? So there are plenty of us out there? Does it really make a difference if I call myself a Professional Author or a Writer?

Nope. Not one damn bit. I’ll call myself whatever I want, and so should you. Now, quit bickering and get back to what matters… crafting your story. 

Go Write something. 

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