About The Author

Katie Salidas is a USA Today bestselling author and RONE award winner known for her unique genre-blending style.

Since 2010 she's penned five bestselling book series: the Immortalis, Olde Town Pack, Little Werewolf, Chronicles of the Uprising, and the all-new Agents of A.S.S.E.T. series. As her not-so-secret alter ego, Rozlyn Sparks, she is a USA Today bestselling author of romance with a naughty side.

In her spare time Katie also produces and hosts a YouTube talk show; Spilling Ink. She also has a regular column on First Comics News where she explores writing from a nerdy perspective.

Time to get excited! Agents of ASSET book 4 is almost here!

We're one step closer to the next installment in the Agents of ASSET series! Book 4, Method to her Magic has an awesome cover by the amazing Molly at We Got You Covered.

Katie Salidas

The first rule of magic is humans aren’t supposed to know that magic exists.
So, when a school bus full of innocent, and very non-magical, kids starts floating in mid-air, that’s a pretty big problem.

ASSET is supposed to keep things like that from happening. They had one job, right?
Sage Cynwrig has had a steep learning curve during her first few months as an ASSET agent, and with this latest catastrophe she’ll have to call on every skill she’s developed.

A magic supremacist organization, called the Mystics, with ties to the highest tiers of magical society, have made it their mission to discredit ASSET and expose magic to the human population.
And you thought your Monday morning was bad. Sage is going to need something a little stronger than coffee to help her with this next mission.

For readers who enjoy a healthy dose of snarky comedy peppered with pop culture Easter eggs!
If you haven't started reading the Agents of ASSET series, now's the time to start. You want to be all caught up by the time book 4 drops!

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