We don't always have time to read.... Sad, I know.

But there are other ways to devour good books!

Audio books are my go-to for easy listening on the daily commute, during long trips, and (shhhh, don't tell the kids) I sneak away to my bathroom and listen to them with a glass of wine while taking a hot bath too. 

You have to have an escape, am I right? 

Anyway. I know I bombarded you with links for the ebooks a few days ago, and I know you want to read all those awesome stories, but you might be having problems finding your quiet place to do that. 

I have a solution! 

The Chronicles of the Uprising books are available on Audible too!!
And, as a bonus, first time members to Audible can download a listen to their first book FREE!!
Click on any book cover below to go to audible and claim your first FREE listen. 

 Dissension      Complecation
 revolution      transition
 revolution      annihilation

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