End of June Summer Reading Sales and Freebies !

Click the link and see the variety of books on offer. If one interests you, click it and follow the directions to download. These book deals are provided by authors in order to help introduce their work to larger audiences. You get to enjoy the benefit of reading for FREE or a drastically reduced price. Enjoy!

 Feisty Female Books

Fabulous, Feisty & Female: Female Protagonists – All Genres
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 Indie Books

Indie-Pendence: Indie Book Festival – All Genres
Find your next favorite read. Good until July 15th!

 Magic Escapes

Magical Escapes
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Specials and Sales!
Enjoy these sale-priced ebooks provided by the authors to help introduce new readers to their amazing fantasy worlds! Click the link and follow the directions to download your book!

 Michelle Ziegler
He can't deny her...
She can't deny her magic.
In the end, do they have a choice?
$2.99 Kindle

 Carissa Andrews
For the past two-thousand and some odd years, Diana Hawthorne has always been able to see the past, present, and future with near perfect accuracy. Her only blind spot has been herself. The first twenty years of her existence is a complete blank and she doesn’t know why. 
Then she met Blake Wilson
$2.99 Kindle

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