Reader question: Is there a limit to book series?

Reader question: Is there a limit to book series?

This is something I struggle with answering. Sometimes things just need to come to an end and make way for something new.

I see book series that are upwards of 10 books with more planned. Part of me thinks, “Yay!!! More books to read about my favorite characters.” But another part of me thinks… “Maybe it’s time for a break.”

I may not be like most readers, but I have found once I have devoured past 6-7 books in a series, I am in desperate need of a break. That feeling flows naturally to my writing too. Once I have hit 6ish books I am ready to tackle something new. It’s the reason the Immortalis series has not moved past book 6. I have other ideas, but I am really focusing on the Chronicles and my side project, Pretty Little Werewolf, too. Incidentally, the Chronicles are planned to end at 6 books too. Just feels like a natural breaking point for me.

But, I want to know what you think. Is there a natural limit to book series? If so, what book number do you feel is enough?  


Unknown said...

Despite being the Author of a serial novel in progress... I don't think any author should release any part of a series until it is all written. Robert Jordan DIED and had to have someone else finish the series. I can't bear to read the ones not written by him. Its not fair. But as far as length, I like it when they break them up into chunks, like the Shanarra line of books. There are literally like 5 series of series.

Katie Salidas said...

From responses I've gotten today on Facebook, and here too, it does seem like more is merrier... good to know!

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