Authors, Do You Have A Newsletter?

Do you have a Newsletter?

It’s one of the must-have items in any authors marketing platform. A way to reach out to your dedicated readers/fans. But how do you create one and does it cost anything?

In the effort to keep that marketing budget in check, free is always preferred when it comes to outside help. And when you want the most bang for no buck, you can’t go wrong with Mail Chimp.
Simple to use. Point and click. Full of templates. It makes creating a nice newsletter a snap. And with list features, signup forms, and tracking reports, it really does give you quite a bang. For the startup author with a small list and maybe only one to two newsletters a month, you can’t beat FREE! That’s right, free.

From their website:  Up to 2,000 subscribers
Send 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers for free. No contracts, and no credit card required. It’s free forever.

I’ve used MailChimp now for about an year and find it to be super user friendly. The list managing has some great automatic features. For example: If you are a new subscriber to my newsletter you will automatically be emailed a code to download a free copy of my book, Dissension.

It’s fully automated. I don’t have to do a thing. Set it and forget it. That is truly a blessing as it helps me keep readers happy (by offering a good value) and also takes one more task off my to-do list so I can keep up with writing and have more books to publish.

There is a lot more you can do with auto-features (like send birthday wishes to subscribers, and thank you emails for being a loyal follower, etc…) but I’ll let you play with those.

Having a newsletter does not have to be a huge time consuming task, but it is a necessary evil in the arsenal that all indie authors must have. So, consider this a good option and start yours today.

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