Social Media. What tools are in your arsenal?

Photo chosen because this illustrates exactly how I feel trying to keep up with social media. 

In my last post I talked of the ineffective side of social media for the purposes of spamming, but that is not to say that social media is not an important part of an author’s platform.  You cannot expect to ignore the audience and still sell books. You have to get the word out somehow (without spam of course), so how do you do it? What sites are you linked to, and how do you utilize them properly?

Have I missed any? Let me know in the comments if I did.

Now that we have a list of places to belong to, how do you utilize them without letting them rule your life (you do have to have time to write, right?)? Well, there just happen to be a few productivity helpers out there to assist you with keeping up with post while you’re not away. The beauty of this is that you can schedule tweets, post, blogs, etc… for times you know you will be away from the computer, but don’t let that stop you from actually interacting with your audience. The biggest problem, as I stated in the last post, is that the spam all becomes white noise.

HootSuite - Features like Personalized Tabs, Personalized Columns, Multiple Twitter Accounts, Team Work Flow, Embedded Columns, Track Statistics, Create Groups, Feed Your RSS etc.
SocialOomph – A free and a professional service for posting to social media.
TwitterFeed – Auto tweeting to Twitter and Facebook from your RSS feed.

Of course, if I missed any, let me know in the comments below.

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