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Bad vets and sick pets!

The last 48 hours have been the most harrowing experience made worse by the willful disregard for my pets health from Spencer Springs Animal hospital. After nickle and diming me for $500 to stitch up my cat Bowser. A dog tried to eat his tail. Extra stitches to fix the first set that weren't tight enough, two rounds of sedation, special healing honey, $12 bandaids, etc. I should have learned my lesson. Unfortunately our 8 week old puppy who we newly adopted 3 days ago began to fall seriously ill very quickly, and I had no other vets in mind. Diarrhea quickly turned bloody, dehydration, and lethargy followed. I suspected the worst, but as I syringe fed my baby water 2.5ml at a time, I made the appointment with Spencer Springs for first thing in the morning. Overnight Yoshi responded well. I was up all night with him, nursing him as best I could. He started drinking water, then eating, and though he was not 100% by morning, he was very much back to puppy antics of dragging the broom…

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