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The Wolfy Romance you've been waiting for is here. Read Mated Today!

It's Finally Here!!!
New Release Day!
Available in Print and Ebook!

Brady Whelan, Second Son of the Olde Town pack is a confirmed bachelor, serial womanizer, and self-proclaimed sex god.

He wears those titles like a badge of honor.
Boyfriend or - a word that should never be spoken - mate...
No way in Hell!
He'd never let a woman tie him down... like that.

But Rachel Marsden might give him a reason to change his ways.

A broodmate from a rival pack: sold into slavery, tortured,and abused, Rachel Marsden was running for her life when she was ambushed and left for dead in the wintery woods of Massachusetts. With no one to trust, and nowhere to go, she accepts the help of a dangerously sexy Alpha wolf named Brady.

Appalled by the atrocities Rachel has been through, Brady vows to find the bastards who hurt her. As a Second Son of the Olde Town pack,it is his job to protect those who cannot protect themselves, and he would do just that, even if it means igniting a war between two rival packs.

Sample Chapter: Mated (Olde Town Pack book 2)

The hunt had been a great success. Many a wolf pranced around, muzzles bloody with their kills, bragging through body language to one another. Some looked as if they’d torn into their beast raw after they took them down.
Brady’s duty lay in keeping watch over the others rather than gorging himself on fresh meat, but there was no denying the desire to join in on such a lively hunt.
Things were working out well, given the amount of wolves they’d amassed: not a sign of the Saints or a brawl between rival packs. Perhaps his brother’s idea of camaraderie during a festive holiday season was not so far-fetched.
He patrolled the outer edge of their territory, keeping close watch for anything out of sorts. Howls rose up on the wind as a smaller hunting pack caught scent of their prey and rounded on them.
Brady smiled to himself, enjoying the scene as if watching a sport being played. Of course he was rooting for the home team, but part of him appreciated the effort of their prey. The struggle to live gave speed to the creature, but not enough, and soon the pack overtook the poor beast. Death came quickly.
Blood caught Brady’s attention. The coppery tang of it overpowered the crispness of the winter air. But it was not the elk they’d just taken down. Nor was it rabbit or even fox. The scent of wolf blood, as strong as if it were flowing from his own veins, rose up to smack him in the nose.
And just when he’d thought things were going well.
Injuries rarely happened on a hunt; spilled blood meant a fight. And in broad daylight, when the potential to be spotted by humans was at its greatest, locating the injured before they shifted took precedence.
So much for peace during the holidays. Time to go to work. Brady blew out a hot breath that turned to mist instantly as it hit the cold air.
He listened, hoping to hear a rustle of branches or the whimper of the injured, but there was nothing.
Frustration made him growl inside over the fact he’d spoken of peace too soon and invoked the wrath of Murphy’s Law. Wolves always found a reason to fight.
The scent trail led him down into a thick patch of forest. At least a mile from their compound and buried under snow mixed with fallen leaves, he found a she-wolf, unconscious and bleeding to death. Her fur, white as the snow, was stained black from all the blood.
He shifted and knelt to inspect the wolf’s wounds. Multiple bite marks covered her body. A deep cut across her belly looked almost too clean to be from claw marks, and her front paw jutted out at an unusual angle. No doubt there were more wounds hidden behind the sticky, matted fur. This was no fight over a kill; this looked like murder, poorly masked as a battle.
Who would do such a thing? Wolves might be treated as equals among the pack, but the thought of someone harming this girl and leaving her out to die in the open woods struck a chord deep within him.
The poor thing didn’t even have the energy to shift back to her human form.  Most wounds could be healed during a shift, so the fact she hadn’t told Brady she was near death, and if he didn’t get her back to the compound immediately, that would be her fate.
That he couldn’t allow. Not on his watch.
It was only a mile; he could make it. But he’d be near frozen by the time he arrived, having to do it naked.
Brady looked around to see if anyone was nearby. He thought to howl and alert the others, but wondered if that might attract the girl’s attackers as well. He’d spent so much time with her he hadn’t given any thought to who else might still be lingering.
A cursory sniff of the air gave no indication of any others nearby, but even with his superior nose, there were too many other scents assaulting his senses to be accurate.
Time was of the essence. Questions would have to be answered later. He could run a full sweep of the forest once he got the girl to the compound.
Brady scooped her up. She was a rag doll in his arms as he carried her back. Howls in the air signaled his approach. A few other wolves, his personal guard, spotted him as he approached. Shifting to human, they came to aid him as he moved closer to the steps of the compound.
“Help,” he called out, bursting through the doors as he headed toward the infirmary.
“What happened?” Fallon was first to meet him inside. Without missing a beat, she grabbed a blanket from a stack and ran up, throwing one over his naked body. Horrorstruck, she spotted the wolf in his arms.
Before she could ask the question, Brady blurted out, “Sniffed her out, buried in the woods. Whoever did this did not want her found.” A growl of pure anger accompanied his words. Whoever had done this would pay.
“Set her over here.” Fallon retrieved another blanket from the stack. “Do we know who she is? What pack she came from?”
Her questions were valid, and if he had the answers he would have given them; but all Brady could muster at that moment was a grunt as he laid the injured wolf on the table, inspecting the wounds on her body. Her eyes were open, but she neither blinked nor moved to look around. Her legs were broken, and she had bite marks in her side and various scrapes and abrasions on her back. This was the work of one of their own. Whoever it was had shifted human when they were done and attempted to finish the job with that final slice across the belly. Not deep enough to gut her, thank goodness, but it was certainly an ugly cut. The fact that it hadn’t finished her off said that it had been done in haste. Brady sent his mind back, trying to recall if he had heard any signs of a struggle. He’d been so happy to watch the packs take down that last elk that he hadn’t been doing his job. He should have heard something. But his memory was blank up to the point where her blood had caught his attention.
The other explanation would be if she had been attacked elsewhere and dropped in the woods to die. That again pointed to one of his own kind. They were too deep into the woods for cars to have access.
He had to get to the bottom of this.
“What the hell did this?” Fallon’s question hit the mark.
What indeed? It was one thing to fight with another wolf; that happened all the time. Hell, Brady was often more beast than man – but even so, to do this to a female? Unspeakable. To leave her alone and dying in the cold forest… Whoever had done this was truly a monster.
Problem was, with so many new faces in attendance, it would be hard to pinpoint who’d done the deed.
Brady swore silently that he would track down the bastard. He’d exact retribution. He smelled her fur, noting the variety of scents clinging to it. Blood overpowered all.
Another wolf came up behind him. “Her body’s in shock. Not surprising, seeing all of those wounds.”
He turned angrily at first, but recognizing Emma, the pack physician, his wolf calmed down.
Emma administered a shot of some kind to the injured wolf. “She’ll need a transfusion to kickstart her healing. She’s lost too much blood.”
Brady looked down into the poor girl’s eyes. He couldn’t shake the feeling that if he’d had his head in the game, he might have prevented her injuries. “Take what you need from me.” He patted her head gently and then looked up to Emma. “She was found on my watch.”
Fallon looked sideways in disbelief. “That’s very gallant of you,” she said, before offering her own blood if need be as well.
Gallantry had nothing to do with it. He’d been on patrol; he should have been paying closer attention to what was happening in his woods. It was the least he could do. When she woke, she could point out her attacker.
“Just do it,” Brady grumbled.

Have I got your attention yet? Want to read more??

 Jan 17th 2017
Moonlight (Olde Town Pack Book 1)
Good girls don’t wear fur or fight over men, and they certainly don’t run around naked, howling at the moon.
But then, no-one ever called Fallon a good girl.


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Mated #SneakPeek

We're one week from release day and I thought I'd give you all a little sneaky peek at the newest book in the Olde Town Series

Brady Whelan, Second Son of the Olde Town pack, is a confirmed bachelor and self-proclaimed sex god. He loves all women - one night at a time. 

Which has earned him a few choice names from the ladies in his pack: One-night wonder; serial womanizer; man whore. 

To him, each one is a badge of honor.
There are only two names he'll never let them call him: boyfriend or - worse - mate. He'd never let himself get tied him down like that. 

But when he finds a beautiful blonde she-wolf beaten and left for dead on his pack's land, deeply rooted instincts to protect are awakened. Despite not knowing where she came from, Brady vows to destroy the bastards who hurt her. Even if it means igniting a war between two rival packs.

Sold by her father into slavery as a broodmate, tortured, and abused, Rachel Marsden had barely escaped her vicious Alpha when she was ambushed and brutalized in the wintery woods of Massachusetts. Men were the enemy, and she'd sworn never to trust another one as long as she lived. 

But isolated and surrounded by a pack she's never met, her choices are limited: escape into the wilderness, where she'll be defenseless again... or trust the sexy Alpha wolf she can't stop thinking about.

Sample Chapter

Had there been a bed, Brady would have gladly lain with her all night, but the desk provided no comfort. He slipped away from Rachel’s body, seating himself on a nearby chair. “How’s your stress level now?” he joked.
“Dialed back to about a five.” She winked at him as she adjusted, perching herself on the corner of the desk. 
If she only knew how sexy she looked at that moment. If only he had had a camera to capture her raw beauty. She was the picture of confidence and feminine beauty. If only there were more time. He’d only intended their time out from the commotion in the lobby to be a few moments. Well beyond that now duty called. Brady blew out a long breath “Hard to reach zero these days. Especially now that your old pack is on the warpath.”
Her smile dissolved. “You really know how to ruin a perfect moment, don’t you?”
“I wasn’t trying to be a dick. It’s my job to protect the pack, and like it or not, a fight is coming.”
“Is this the face that launched a thousand ships?” Rachel rolled her eyes.
“And now we’re quoting Shakespeare. It’s time for me to go kill something.”
“Marlow, not Shakespeare, you ass.” She hopped down and retrieved her clothes. “And I thought it was poignant. You’ve essentially accused me of being Helen of Troy.”
“So does that make me Paris? Or am I some other suitor?” Brady teased. 
“Are you implying something?” Rachel’s tone soured. 
“No, I was just settling into the role.” He smirked at her. “Paris, if I recall was not very brave. And since you now have launched a thousand ships― or wolves― we’ll have to prepare for battle.”
“So you do have some brains in that thick head of yours,” Rachel teased. 
“It is pretty thick, or so I have been told.” Brady waved a hand south and gave her a little wink. 
“Can’t argue there.” Rachel licked her lips, and that little gesture had him at attention and ready for another round. “But we don’t have time for that just yet.”
“Later,” Brady mumbled. Innuendo aside, the very real fact that they were preparing for a potential attack needed to remain at the forefront of his mind. 
“And you’re right, Paris was not the bravest of warriors, though he did live longer than Achilles and Hector.”
“Not by much. And you wouldn’t catch me being such a coward. I fight tooth and claw. He had a long range weapon.”
“A man who knows his mythology. Kind of sexy.” Rachel leaned close and pecked him on the lip, finishing with a quick nibble.
“Kind of?” Brady stood and began to redress himself.
“Just a little.”
“There’s nothing little about me.” Brady slipped his legs into his pants, making a show of pulling them up and fastening the button.
“I guess I can’t argue there. Especially now that I know there’s a huge brain in that head of yours too.”
“Perk of being a second son. Lots of schooling in more than just combat. I have to be prepared to take over should the Alpha be incapable.” Brady pulled his shirt up over his head and gave a quick glance to his watch to check the time. “Speaking of which, Aiden will be looking for me. We’re due to appear at the final celebration.”
“And what am I to do?”
“Stay with me. I’ll be your escort. And if I have to leave, you’ll remain with Fallon.”
“This whole babysitting thing is getting annoying,” Rachel sighed. “I can defend myself.”
Brady knew better than to bring up the way he’d found her in the woods, choosing instead to continue as if she had not said that last part. “I could leave you with Mark and Louis. Assuming they are still alive.” 
“Those two assholes.” Rachel mumbled angrily, as she finished the last button on her blouse. “You know they’re spies, right?” 
“The thought had crossed my mind.” Brady nodded. “Their story is far too convenient. I don’t trust them. But I do know something of Charles. He’s not exactly an Alpha who plays by the rules. For that fact alone, I have to give those guys a little leeway. They might have their uses. Even if they are spying.” 
“So you’re not going to kill them?”
“No,” Brady responded quickly. “Not yet at least.”
“If you ask me, that’s a bad idea.” 
“I didn’t.” He opened the door and held it for her. 
“I’ve been called worse for much less. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t like to kill arbitrarily.”
“They were warned not to come back. They came back. They broke your law.”
“I’m not the Alpha here,” he reminded her. “It’s not my law to make, only the Alpha’s law to uphold. If Aiden orders it, I’ll do what is commanded.”
“But you killed Craig.”
“On confirmation that he had ordered your death. I was operating within the general scope of our Alpha’s law,” Brady said. 
“Sounds like cherry-picking to me,” Rachel replied.
“Call it what you will,” Brady sighed.
“Where are we headed?” 
“Outside to the bonfire. Everyone should have gathered by now. It will be time for the gift exchange soon.”
“Oh, but I don’t have anything to give.”
“I already got mine.” Brady nuzzled her neck, stealing one last taste of her delicious skin before nudging her on.

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