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The great debate. Paper or Plastic?

As I sit down to (finally) sneak a few minutes of reading time in, my first instinct is to reach for the good old fashion paperback book. How about you: Paper or Plastic?

What am I reading right now? A Game of Thrones. Since it is GOT season on HBO , and since I do not have HBO, this is as close as I'll get to pretending I'm part of the fun. No Spoilers Please!! It is pretty fun reading, though I think the season will be over before I have a chance to finish these massive books. They are huge. And kudos to George R.R. Martin for penning these intricately detailed plots.

But, back to my original question. Paper or Plastic? As a reader, I do still love the feel of a book in hand. I have a kindle. I use my kindle mainly when travelling. I download books and have a library of books I may never get too because, lets face it, there are millions of books to read and only one lifetime to read them in. But I'll put in the old college try. As I'm sure you book lovers are doing …

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