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Stock Up Now #99c Paranormal Romance Kindle Ebook Sale

With the holidays upon us it's time to scramble to figure out what to get for everyone on the list. If you're anything like me, that list is a mile long: immediate family, kids, friends, co-workers, teacher appreciation, the garbage men, our mail carrier (he's awesome by the way!!), those damn white elephant parties (seriously, what is a good gift for those?), etc...

I'm staring down the calendar with only a few short weeks to get it all done, and I haven't even done my Christmas cards yet! And the Elf on the Shelf... don't get me started with that little jerk! Ha!!

My Holly Jolly is in serious need of a jump start! How about you?

Luckily ebooks make for an awesome and easy to give gift that can be delivered to its recipient with the push of a button. One Click!!! And readers love them. So, with that in mind, I have been working to drop prices on some of my ebooks available on Kindle to make it easier to give the gift of a good book for the holidays. A few awe…

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