The family that writes together

I’ve mentioned it a time or two before; I’m not the only writer in the family. I have a Sister who writes and, as I just found out this weekend, a cousin who writes too!

We’ve been swapping our queries and synopsis’s back and forth this weekend, hoping to polish out all the rough spots and make our work shine! I really enjoy being able to do this with my Sister.

It’s such a joy to be able to share the passion of writing with a family member who, “gets it.” It’s comforting to have someone so close to you, who is going through the same frustrations as you are. It’s great swapping tips and tricks we learn along the way. It’s a bonus too, to have a family member who can not only read your work, but also critique it as harshly as you need it. (Most family members will tell you how wonderful the book is, because they want to bolster your fragile writers ego, they won’t nitpick the way a critiquer would.)

And of course…

It’s awesome to be able to cheer each other on as we submit our work to agents and editors.

How about you all out there in the internet void. Do you have someone close to share your writing passion with? A family member or a buddy that is taking the journey to publishing with you?


Tess said...

My mom thinks I'm a hero. She doesn't know much about the publishing world, but she eats my stories up and has tons of really good insight. I know some people don't think it counts when it's your mom, but I totally do :)

B.J. Anderson said...

I have two sisters and mother who writes. It's awesome!

Jessica Nelson said...

That is awesome. :-) My family is very supportive, but not very good at being critical. LOL I do have a fellow writer friend who is my sounding board for a lot of stuff, even though I have a crit group.

Jody Hedlund said...

Wow! You are really blessed! My mom is a hobby writer, so she cheers me on, but can't provide the kind of feedback I need.

Susan R. Mills said...

My brother writes, but he's not trying to get published. He just does it for fun. I do bounce my ideas off of him, and he's very honest. It's helpful. Like Tess, my mom is overly proud of me! I don't have much luck getting an honest critique out her. You're lucky to have your sister.

Katie Salidas said...

Tess, Your mom's opinion counts. We writers need our cheerleaders.

B.J., sounds like writing is in your blood. It's a real family thing.

Jessica, it's great to have a supportive family, they are helpful in their own way.

Jody, It's neat your mom writes too. Even if it is hobby writing, you are both able to share the fun of "creating a story."

LW, I bet bouncing your ideas off of your brother helps a little.

Deb said...

It certainly doesn't hurt to have those biased family members around that hand out the "wow that's really good" ego boosters. One of my sons is also a writer so I can count on an honest critique from him. As in- "LOL Mom, I think you described every blade of grass in that scene, I was starting to drift off there."

Constructive criticism is what I crave!

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