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I’m spotlighting another blog today. Liana Brooks made an excellent post that speaks to all of us frustrated newbies out there in cyberspace. Querying is frustrating and fraught with rejections. We know deep down we are good writers and yet no one else seems to agree. Rejection letter after rejection letter, we slowly move (or quickly for the impatient ones)towards the only other alternative we think is available. We reach the end of our limits and decide to just “do it ourselves” and self publish.

As she as so succinctly put. Before you attempt to self publish, “Do the checklist.”

9 times our of 10 there are things we still need to do with our manuscript. There is more editing, more refining, and more pitching work to make us publishing ready. So before you throw in the towel and invest the money to self publish, try going down the list and seeing if there are still some things you could be doing.

Here is the link.


Tess said...

I agree, that was a great post!

Deb said...

Great site! I'm leary of the self publishing path. There are success stories though. Christopher Paolini, the author of the Inheritance Cycle series, self-published his first book 'Eragon' and was subsequently approached by a publisher...

Jody Hedlund said...

Usually if we persevere long enough, and hone our craft and stories, we can make it. We just have to hang in there!

kah said...

Awesome advice. Especially since I'm in my "uber edit" stage. Luckily, I have barely stuck my toe into the query waters. So I'm nowhere near exahusting all my options.

Unknown said...

I believe persistence is the key to the success and it is in line with Jody's view. At the same time, we do need faith as well.

Thanks for sharing and let us work toward our mutual goals.

Wish you all the best, Katie.

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