What inspires you?

Have you ever just been struck with inspiration out of the blue? I love when that happens.

I've been putting off writing lately, using the old "writers block" excuse. ( really, it is just plain laziness on my part. I could have spent more time writing and less time blogging, facebooking, and myspacing.)

So yesterday, as I was on my was to work, I popped in a CD and out of nowhere a song I was listening to caused a rush of ideas to spring forth. I spent the rest of the work day trying to hold on to the idea, anytime I got into my car I put that song on repeat, fearing I would lose the idea before I could get home and write it all down.

My husband thinks I'm crazy, I'm sure.

I was up until 1am last night playing the song on repeat, while writing. I felt so good, getting the idea on paper. I feel like I made good progress on book two.

So tell me, have you been struck with inspiration like that? What random things have caused a rush of inspiration for you?


Jessica said...

When I go to sleep at night I get deluged with scenes or plot points. Too lazy to get up and write them down though, so sometimes I lose them.
Music inspires me too, when I'm driving.

quixotic said...

I find music to be really inspirational. Sometimes it's the lyrics, and sometimes it's something in the melody.

Cindy said...

Music inspires me all the time. I did just the same thing you posted about several months back. On my way to the chiropractor, listening to some song or another and then out of nowhere I was struck with an idea for a new story. I had to keep listening to that song and try to stay focused enough to get back home and write down not only the story idea, but the particular intro that I had formulated in my head. I LOVE when that happens!

quixotic said...

At least I am not the only one who puts the song on repeat untill all the words are on the paper. =)