I hate Monday and Monday hates me!

In typical, Monday fashion, i'm a bit of a mess.

Woke up at 4:30am this morning and shut off my alarm clock instead of Hubby's. FYI, I don't get up untill 5:30am. Whoops.

Hubby gets up on time, I fall back into bed and oversleep.

So instead of my usual pace, getting myself and my daughter ready for work/school. I'm already starting off in a rush. Somehow, I managed to only be 30 minutes late to work.

I get to work and things aren't looking any better. I have already injured myself ( closing a binder on my finger), I'm starving ( forgot my breakfast and lunch isn't untill noon), I'm grumpy, and I just realized I am covered in cat fur and can't find my sticky roller. Ugh!!!

Do I tempt fate and ask, "What else can happen today?"

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Jessica said...

Oh no! Sounds like a horrible day. :-( Let's just hope you get lunch. LOL