Husbands and writing

"How many writers out there have a significant other?"

I won't wait for the void to answer, I will just pretend I am in a room filled with people raising their hands.

"Wonderful. Now, how many of you have a significant other who won't read your work?"

Again, I will imagine a room filled with people, crickets chirp as everyoune looks at eachother. No one has a hand raised.

"Thats what I thought."

My husband is a wonderful idea man, but he frustrates me , because he refuses to read my writing to critique, or even for pleasure, claiming he is not in to the genre write. He has been quite helpful as far as helping me work through problems in my story verbally, but anytime I ask him to look at a few chapters, he whines and complains like a little child being forced to eat their vegetables.

I wonder, is this normal? Is it my writing, or is it really that the genre holds no real interest to him.

Perhaps I should print it and leave it in the bathroom, replacing his normal magazines and books, maybe then he would read it.


Kim said...

Do people really take reading material to the bathroom...I thought that was just a myth!

an unproved or false collective belief that is used to justify a social institution

quixotic said...

Believe it or not, some men, mine in particular do bring reading material into the bathroom for those long sessions on the throne. =p