Christmas Kitty

Baby Lucky, our little feral kitty wants to wish you all a Merry Christmas.

Crazy Weather

I haven't been in the writing mood lately, the holidays have me preoccupied with presents and parties, friends and family, and an abundance of goodies to eat.

Hopefully I have more to talk about next year. Right now, all I have to chat about is the utter craziness of the recent Las Vegas weather. I've lived here 13 years, and each year I hope and pray for some snow. It's the one thing I always feel is missing around the holidays. No I have never actually lived somewhere where it snows, but still, I have this "missing" feeling when it is cold and I don't see it. Well, this year I got a taste of my wish. A freak snow storm hit the Las Vegas Valley dumping anywhere from 6-10 inches.

Normally we wouldn't see any snow in the valley, maybe a dusting on the surrounding mountains, but certainly nothing we could really play in. This storm hit us by surprise and dropped it's beautiful white flakes for almost 12 straight hours. It was wonderful.

I'm hoping and praying that we might see more of the fluffy cold stuff at least once more this year. Maybe for christmas? Am I asking too much?

blog, and ye shall receive

A few days ago I posted that my husband wouldn't read my 70k, novel. A novel I might add he helped provide ideas on.

Anyway. I blogged about it and teased my husband, saying the internet knows he's a horrible husband now. Just so you know, we always pick on eachother, there was no real malace here, he knows I have various blogs and I don't hide what I say from him.

Back on point. Husband knows of my frustration and no more words are said.

This morning as my alarm clock annoyed me out of a sound sleep, I noticed my husband was not in bed. Not being the most alert at 5am, I hit the snooze and took 5 more minutes. Hubby has a habit of allnighters on his computer lately.
By the time the alarm went off again hubby had slid into bed next to me.
"I read your book," he said.
There was no note of feeling in his voice, no clue in his simple phrase to tell me what he thought.
"And?" I responded curiously.
"It was a book."

First mental note, blog about husband taking out the trash next.
Second mental note don't get upset no matter what he says.

"So you hated it.?" I questioned curiously.

That started a good 30minute discussion of problems with my story.

The good news is, he finally read it. He provided me with valuable feedback and a male perspective.

The bad news is, I may have to completly rewrite my ending....


Damn our I.T. Department. They have blocked access to blogging. I can't read or post to blogs anymore while I am stuck here in this cubical prison!

Please excuse any errors in my writing. Im now forced to phone blog. Since I have no access to MS Word to help proof my post my writing will be au naturale. Thankfully work can't block access to my phone.

Husbands and writing

"How many writers out there have a significant other?"

I won't wait for the void to answer, I will just pretend I am in a room filled with people raising their hands.

"Wonderful. Now, how many of you have a significant other who won't read your work?"

Again, I will imagine a room filled with people, crickets chirp as everyoune looks at eachother. No one has a hand raised.

"Thats what I thought."

My husband is a wonderful idea man, but he frustrates me , because he refuses to read my writing to critique, or even for pleasure, claiming he is not in to the genre write. He has been quite helpful as far as helping me work through problems in my story verbally, but anytime I ask him to look at a few chapters, he whines and complains like a little child being forced to eat their vegetables.

I wonder, is this normal? Is it my writing, or is it really that the genre holds no real interest to him.

Perhaps I should print it and leave it in the bathroom, replacing his normal magazines and books, maybe then he would read it.