And the winers are ...

First, thank you all for participating in this week-long, Interview. You all had really good questions and it made this event a lot of fun.

As promised, each question gave you one chance to enter. So 5 questions meant your name was added 5 times. I drew the names out of my trusty, Red Sox baseball cap (in honor of the upcoming baseball season).

So, without further ado ... Our Two lucky winners are ...

Theresa Milstien



Congratulations winners! I'll be contacting you shortly to arrange shipping. Thanks again to everyone who participated.


Susan R. Mills said…
Dang! I missed it. Congrats to the winners though.
Thank you! As I wrote in the e-mail you sent me, this is a wonderful birthday present.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations to both winners! You are very lucky to have an autographed copy of Katie's new book! Enjoy!!
Congrats Theresa and BK! :-)