Six Lies & One Truth ... Answers

Here are the answers to yesterdays truth and lies...

1. I speak French fluently - Nope... My father does and I wish I had learned from him. After 2 years of high school french (most of which has been forgotten) I can only speak enough to get myself into trouble. Someday though, I will learn it.

2. I have traveled the world - Only in my dreams. One day, I do plan to do this.

3. I own my own business - It's true. I am the owner of Rising Sign Books LLC.

4. I've gone skydiving and bungee jumping - Another bucket list item. Someday.

5. I have a creative arts degree, from UNLV, in film making. - This one actually belongs to my wonderful hubby. He went to school to make movies.

6. My favorite color is Fuchsia (because I just love saying that word). - Actually, I hate any form of pink. Though I like the word fuchsia, though not enough to make it a favorite.

7. I am O.C.D. about organization. Everything has a place and it should always be put in its place.

Let this picture show you how untrue this is.

That is my messy workspace. Note the piles of books, the layer of dust, the random soda cans and papers strewn about. I am quite the opposite of an OCD neat freak. LoL.


Fun stuff! I'm about as OCD about organization as you are! :-)
Janna Qualman said…
Fun! These were great untruths.

And I hear you on the opposite of OCD when it comes to organization. I blame it on the creative mind. ;)
Deb@RGRamblings said…
Hey, I got one but looks like I totally messed up on the second lol. There's something for you over at my place :)
Elana Johnson said…
So they were all lies??? Well. Humph. ;-)
You made me laugh out loud. I should post a picture of my desk when it isn't purposefully cleaned.
I had the game backwards too - I thought only one was true. I should read a little slower. But I did point out that you owned your own business, so that has to count for something. I think.

While that picture proves that you don't have OCD, it's not too bad. Don't come in my bedroom!
I should say, "Don't look in my bedroom."
L.T. Elliot said…
I knew the true one. ;)
Congrats on the award (and thanks for passing it on to me) and I love the bucket list items!
Jessica said…
Hahaaa! Too funny. Love the office space. And I CAN'T believe you didn't learn french from your dad!!!! I wish, wish I had a parent to teach me a foreign language. LOL
Cher Green said…
Congrats on the business.
quixotic said…
I think mos of you already knew the business one. I should have picked a better truth. Great guesses all around though.
Matt said…
That was pretty funny - The Jedi and Fear and Loathing posters... Yours or not?
quixotic said…
Don't forget The Crow, in the corner. LoL. we have Halloween on the other wall. Mostly the Hubbies idea but I love them too!