Astrology Readings

 Hellenistic astrology offers a deeper look into your personality and what drives you. 

Discover what makes you unique, learn about yourself and your relationships in a new and deeper way, and understand the cycles and driving forces of your life.

Hellenistic astrology is a tradition of horoscopic astrology developed from the 1st century BC and practiced in the late Hellenistic period in and around the Mediterranean. It is the basis from where modern, western astrology draws its techniques.

In a reading, I, as your astrologer, will draw information from the natal chart (a symbolic representation of the sky at the time of the client's birth). This chart contains a wheel with twelve sections (houses), each assigned to a specific zodiac symbol. These houses contain glyphs representing planets, a selection of asteroids, the Sun, and the Moon. 

Because there are various styles and techniques, it is important you know that I use Whole Sign Houses and Traditional sign rulership:

Sun (Leo) Moon (Cancer)

Mars (Aries and Scorpio)

Mercury (Gemini and Virgo)

Venus (Taurus and Libra)

Saturn (Capricorn and Aquarius)

Jupiter (Sagittarius and Pisces)

Looking to gain a deeper understanding of your personal astrology?

Most people know their Sun sign, but people are so much more than a single symbol. Hellenistic Astrology can unlock the mysteries of your character and personality through studying the pattern of planets, placement, rulership, and aspects in your Natal Chart. Looking at the placements of your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, dominant planets the aspects they make can provide insight into your natural disposition, strengths, and weaknesses, and unravel the pattern of how they manifest and the cycles of your life.

What drives you? What do you find value in? How do you communicate with friends and family? Let's find out.

Natal Chart Readings are 60-minute sessions that provide personalized astrological insight into the unique tapestry of your life. In addition to analyzing the positions of the planets in your birth chart, we will discuss the house rulers and their associated strengths and weaknesses.  

Bring your questions or sit back and let me tell you what the universe has to say about you. Most people find these natal readings to be real treat. They are a way to connect with your lost inner child, to gain insight into events that happened in the past, and to allow you to understand the cycles of your life and feel "seen" by the universe.

Are you curious about your year ahead? Do you want to know what to expect, and what to adjust your plans for?

Year Ahead Consultation, we will take the natal chart and look ahead, using various techniques to assess transits and gain insight into the major themes and cycles for your upcoming year. This is an invaluable resource that can help you stay on track and make the most of the year ahead. Think of it like a cosmic weather report for the next 365 days. 

Looking to gain clarity on specific elements of your natal chart?

Q&A Consultation is a 30-minute session to ask the questions you need and focus on the elements of your natal chart that are most astrologically important to you.

I suggest this consultation for those who have already had a Natal Chart Reading with me, or those who are already familiar with their chart and how Hellenistic Astrology works.

To get an accurate chart, when you book your session, please note that I will need date, place, and time of birth to create an accurate chart from which to read. Most birth certificates will have this information. If not, always check with your mom.

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