Spilling the ink on #Audiblegate

Audibe's return policy is literally stealing money from authors, narrators, and anyone involved in the production of an audio book to be sold on the Audible Platform. 

Find out how indie authors feel about this, and follow the links below to learn more and how you can get involved in fixing this issues. 

Spilling Ink spills the Ink on #AudibleGate

Plot Mom #Audiblegate: how Audible is mishandling indie authors and narrators

Aaron Oster - AudibleGate: The End of Publishing with Amazon's ACX (Audible)? | A #1 Bestseller's Thoughts

Go Indie Now - Town Hall on #AudibleGate

Susan May broke the story earlier this month. 

Writer Beware

Alliance of Independent Authors

Authors Guild

Facebook - Fair Deals For Rights Holders

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