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Katie Salidas is a USA Today bestselling author and RONE award winner known for her unique genre-blending style.

Since 2010 she's penned five bestselling book series: the Immortalis, Olde Town Pack, Little Werewolf, Chronicles of the Uprising, and the all-new Agents of A.S.S.E.T. series. As her not-so-secret alter ego, Rozlyn Sparks, she is a USA Today bestselling author of romance with a naughty side.

In her spare time Katie also produces and hosts a YouTube talk show; Spilling Ink. She also has a regular column on First Comics News where she explores writing from a nerdy perspective.

Super Cheap (and good) Books to Read this Weekend

Another fun week, am I right? I know, I know, they are all blending together. Well, not for me this week. Mine started with a broken computer. Probably the single worst thing that could happen to me. Everything I do is on my computer. Writing, Editing, Book Formatting, Cover Art Creation, Ad Graphic creation, etc. Basically anything I do for myself or clients of Rising Sign Books. So of course I was super chill and handled myself with decorum. 

But, after a few tears, a good stiff drink, and some help from a tech savvy friend, we got the computer fixed and I spent the rest of the week catching up on client work. As we roll into the weekend, I'm hopeful to be able to get some writing done on Book 5 of the ASSET series. 

How about you? How did your week go? Any fun plans for the weekend? Any good books to read? If you need some ideas, I have a few more steals and deals for you, below. 

Happy Reading!

book cover
The Nine (The Judas Files Book 1) 
Gabe Never Meant to End up in Hell... But Who Does?

book cover
Sun Cursed (Shades of Blood Book 1) 
Vampires. London. A lover who must die. The exciting start to a completed trilogy!

book cover
War. Magic. A lover’s betrayal. A dark secret lies beneath them all.
Book 1 of Age of Axion
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book cover
House of Immortal Pleasures, a Vampire-run Brothel
One Night with a Vampire
Free Review Copy

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An escaped demon and a snarky cat face off against the seven deadly sins.
A Supernatural Thriller
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