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How's everyone holding up during this quarantine? Everyone staying safe? Staying home? Staying healthy?

I'm going a bit crazy here myself. We're in the middle of a house move. Not the best timing, I know, but it was unavoidable. Life has thrown a few curve balls my way in the last few months and because of that our house needed to be put up on the market. Well wouldn't you know, it went under contract just before all the lock-downs happened. And now we're right at the end of the contract and the new owners would like to take possession, so that means we're out. But not all is lost. We found a place to move and, over the next few days we're going to be getting settled. Not exactly the kind of outing we wanted, but hey, fresh air and sunshine (not to mention all kinds of physical activity). Don't worry we are still social distancing. No one is helping us move. So we're thankful it is a slow move. Me and the kids are taking over loads to the new apartment each day. No bribing friends with pizza and beer. While we're on the move, I've still got a list of books for you to read at discounted prices, thanks to all the authors on StoryOrigin. We in the indie community are all doing our part to keep you entertained. So, enjoy these offerings this week.

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Life sucked until cyborgs murdered his sister. Then things got worse: superhuman hit squads, cybernetic powers, secrets better left unsaid.

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When monster-hunter Blaize silver tangles with a pack of werewolves in Tombstone, Arizona, she ends up with more trouble than she anticipated. The O.K. Corral has never seen a showdown like this one.
So You've Been Quarantined...
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The Sweet Sixteen
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