3 Reasons to Hire a Book Coach

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When it comes to realizing your dreams of publishing, there are a variety of paths you as the author can take.

Traditional Publishing (Big 5)
Small Press Publishing
Hybrid Publishing
Indie Publishing

Each of these paths have a variety of different hoops you, as the author, will have to jump through.

Writing is the easy part. Editing, proofreading, beta reading, synopsis writing, book design and layout, cover design, and don’t forget marketing!

If you’re a savvy author who’s fully immersed themselves in the publishing world, you’re a leg up. You might already have a plan of attack and can progress confidently down the path you have chosen to publish your book.

However, most of us, at least when we’re starting out, have no clue of the complexity that is the publishing process.

This is where a book coach comes in.

A book coach is a jack-of-all-trades and wears many hats. Part manuscript critiquer, part publicist, part graphic designer, part typesetter, part social media guru, and most of all a veteran of the publishing trenches. This been-there-done-that-book-writing-best-friend can help you not only see what path is best for you and your book, they can also help guide you down the path so you don’t trip on your way to publishing your book.

·         Help you clarify or construct a book outline
·         Work on character development issues
·         Critique your manuscript draft and point out areas to revise
·         Coach you on plot, pacing, and story structure
·         Coach you to overcome writer’s block
·         Help you craft your book synopsis and query letters
·         Help locate agents for query submission
·         Help build an author platform and devise a marketing plan
·         Set realistic expectations for book publishing
·         Help with book layout and uploading to sales distribution networks

What are the benefits of hiring a book coach?

Yes, it is literally putting words on the page but a good story has a structure. You can put lots of words on a page but that doesn’t make it a story. There exists a certain structure to storytelling that not only creates optimal flow; it also keeps readers up late at night unable to put down the book.
Stories are comprised of three key elements: Characters, Setting, and Conflict. All three elements work together to create the journey. That journey is the story your audience will immerse themselves in. But this can only be achieved if you have developed those three key elements well. A book coach can work with you to make sure your story is not just words, but a full and complete world with characters that readers will care about.

There are literally thousands of books on publishing. You can read them. I did in the beginning. The problem with trying to publish DIY, at least the first time around, is that information overload leads to mistakes. Everyone has “the way” and they are not always the same. To the uninitiated this information overload leads to mistakes. And in this business, especially when self-publishing where you’re funding 100% of your book’s production, mistakes can be very costly. That means your book has a lot of earning to do in order to break even.
With the guidance of a book coach who’s done it before, preferably more than a few times, you can avoid the problems that come with information glut, and streamline the process and reduce the overall cost of your book’s production.

We live in an age of social media. Authors are expected to be out in the open and socializing with their readers. They need to understand the social landscape, have a web presence, and must actively work to build their newsletters even before their first book is published. Whether traditional or indie publishing, an author cannot avoid taking an active role in marketing and promoting themselves and their work. A seasoned book coach can help navigate all these social media platforms, identifying which ones are best to focus on and work to craft a marketing plan that the author can easily maintain.

Book coaches are an excellent resource for new authors as well as seasoned authors who are feeling overwhelmed by all the tasks they must undertake. Remember that even traditionally published authors are expected to handle their marketing. There are plenty of books coaches offering an array of services; it is up to you, the author to determine exactly what you need. Do your homework and find the right person to help you achieve your publishing goals.

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