MomFail Moments that Might Make Their Way into a Book Someday.

September already? This year has really flown by. And now that the kids are back in school the days seem to be moving a record-breaking speeds. How many of you have kids in kindergarten? My littlest just started. There is a good ten years between my oldest and youngest girl children, and I have to say the stark contrast in education is noticeable. What used to be half days that included snack time and arts and crafts has turned into a full six-hour schedule of academics. And the homework! Don't even get me started with the homework. Three weeks into kindergarten and we're already crying over homework. Ahh the joys of a new school year. Gotta love it. So tell me, how is your new school year going? Kids enjoying it, good teachers, any funny stories to share?
I'll share one of my own that happened today.
Sitting around the table, oldest doing her homework (with headphones on), Boychild starting his, and youngest getting her first assignment (she had to write her name properly using correct capital and lowercase letters). Littlest attempts it and it needs a bit of work. I must have said something to set her off because instead of just erasing and trying again she flies into a rage, screaming about how she "just can't write an uppercase Z." (she can) and as I'm trying to get her to calm down and understand the difference between the capital and lowercase letter (between shrieks of "I can't do it"), my boy child is having issues with his math homework. He's in second grade now and they're deep into Common Core. His problem? 4+3. Find the answer. Simple right?
So while my youngest is screaming and my oldest is ignoring me with her headphones in, I'm telling boy-child just to add the two. I don't see what's so hard about that. He starts whining that he has to show his work and needs to use doubles. I'm not sure what exactly that's supposed to mean, and he has no math textbook to give examples of the work they're doing (just a worksheet), so I have to run to the computer to do a quick google.
Yes, you heard me right; I had to google my 2nd grader's math homework.
MomFail of the year, right?
I finally understand what they are looking for. They want him to double the 4 to make the problem easier to add. Because adding 4+3 is really super hard, right? But this is common core training, so it's not allowed to be simple. Keep in mind that this is all happening while I'm dealing with my screaming Kindergartner who refuses to write a capital letter Z.
Twenty minutes of pure hell later Boychild finishes his homework and by some miracle the littlest writes a capital Z. All is right with the world. Meanwhile, I'm rocking quietly in a corner, realizing this is only the first month of school.
Yay school!!!

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So that's my update for now. I know it's not book related, but I had nothing new to share yet. Next newsletter will hopefully have a sneak peek at the upcoming Agents of ASSET book 4 cover. I have my cover artist working on it right now, so it shouldn't be long.

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