Days of the Dead Las Vegas 2019 Convention Review

A new convention to me, but one that has apparently been around for a while, Days of the Dead is all about Horror. It’s a unique boutique style of convention that travels from city to city rather than making a single yearly appearance in only one place. Las Vegas was the start of this year’s convention tour that appears to make 6 stops between June and November 2019. For show dates, locations, and times, check out their website.

We’re going to be discussing the show held on June 7-9th at the Plaza Hotel in Downtown Las Vegas.

As you can see, they aim to bring all your childhood horrors to life. With headlining guest, Clive Barker leading an amazing assortment of talent, I’d say they did their job!

The nice thing about these boutique style events is the close knit feel they give you. Wandering around the convention space I felt like everyone was approachable and willing to chat about their passion for scary things. Large events that take up entire convention centers can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. While this one certainly boasted a fabulous vendor floor with many unique booths to browse, it didn’t feel so large that you lost track of a booth the moment you passed by. And the assortment of booths were far more niche than anything I have seen at larger events. An additional treat I had not expected, but absolutely loved.  

For those looking for the familiarity of large-scale events, Days of the Dead did not skimp on content. It offered many fan-based meet and greets with celebrities, signings, and panel content geared toward the horror aficionado.

Days of the Dead also made sure to cater to the local talent as well. The local Las Vegas chapter of the Horror Writers Association lead by Tim Chizmar and Mercedes Yardley, in conjunction with the House of Indie Horror organized two panels during the convention weekend. Joining them were writer, director, and producer Mark Savage, and myself, local author and web host Katie Salidas.

Both were an intimate gathering that allowed the audience and panelist alike to really dive into the topics of writing as it relates to horror! Attendees of the panel Sunday were treated to an extra special guest appearance. Clive Barker  himself stopped in for a few minutes to chat and share his wisdom and poetry with the room.

Being its first show in Las Vegas, it had a few growing pains to deal with. We’re not the easiest town to break into. That said, I’d love to see this convention return for another year and look forward to when it does.

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