Magic is Here!

The Wait is Over.
Magic In Disguise is finally here! 

You've marveled at the world hidden under our very noses, discovered the four families of magic
(Terra, Ethereal, Shade, & Elemental), and witnessed the well-oiled machine that is A.S.S.E.T (Anonymous Supernatural Security and Elimination Taskforce). 

Now, watch it all fall into anarchy unless one rogue agent can destroy the Weapon of Magical Destruction once and for all.

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All magic comes at a price!

Using the Weapon of Magical Destruction might not have been Sage's smartest idea, but what choice did she have? Now she's slowly dying from the effects of the magic absorbing seed embedded in her hand.

If that weren't enough to ruin her day, news of Sage's criminal misconduct has spread like wildfire landing her on top of the Magical Most Wanted list. Can't a girl catch a break?

Being hunted by the shadow clans, and cut off from A.S.S.E.T. Sage is forced to go deep under cover, on a quest to collect the elements needed invoke the magic of the Mother Goddess to destroy the seed once and for all.

Not an easy task when every shadow is a potential enemy. If she fails, it's game over. If she succeeds, she's still a wanted criminal for using forbidden magic. But at least then she might live long enough to clear her name, right?

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dora la exploradora
5.0 out of 5 stars A page-turner!

Kristen Lewendon
5.0 out of 5 stars Valuable lessons in the nature of trust

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