Cover Reveal - Magic In Disguise

You've marveled at the world hidden under our very noses, discovered the four families of magic (Terra, Ethereal, Shade, & Elemental), and witnessed the well-oiled machine that is A.S.S.E.T (Anonymous Supernatural Security and Elimination Taskforce).

Now, watch it all fall into anarchy unless one rogue agent can destroy the Weapon of Magical Destruction once and for all. 

It's time to reveal the third installment in this epic trilogy.

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Magic In Disguise!

 Magic In Disguise

Using the Weapon of Magical Destruction wasn't Sage's smartest idea, and now she's become the weapon she had been charged with protecting. 

Hunted by the shadow clans, and cut off from A.S.S.E.T., Sage is forced to go deep under cover, on a quest to collect the elements and people needed to invoke the Mother Goddess and destroy the WMD before it destroys everything she's ever loved.

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