The Business Side of Independent Publishing

If you missed the seminar in April at the Paseo Verde Library, you can still catch up on all the topics that were discussed.

The video is available on my Spilling Ink channel or you can watch it below.

Independent Publishing is not for everyone.
It’s a business venture!
Your business is the creation, distribution, and sales of your product: Your book!
Writing the book was the easy part.
To wear the publisher hat, you must step out of your role as an author, look objectively at your book, assess its value and marketability, and create a strategy to bring it to market.

This seminar is going to break down the key elements to transforming your manuscript into a book that can be sold on multiple channels and platforms.

• Budgeting
• Project Management
• Production
• Printing and Distribution
• Ebook
• Pricing

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