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Katie Salidas is a USA Today bestselling author and RONE award winner known for her unique genre-blending style.

Since 2010 she's penned five bestselling book series: the Immortalis, Olde Town Pack, Little Werewolf, Chronicles of the Uprising, and the all-new Agents of A.S.S.E.T. series. As her not-so-secret alter ego, Rozlyn Sparks, she is a USA Today bestselling author of romance with a naughty side.

In her spare time Katie also produces and hosts a YouTube talk show; Spilling Ink. She also has a regular column on First Comics News where she explores writing from a nerdy perspective.

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Sample Dissension

Mira felt the butt of a rifle jab into her back. “Move,” the male handler ordered.
“Would it kill you to ask nicely?” Fresh blood and a win in the training arena had done wonders for her mood, but dealing with the handlers was quickly souring it.
“No talking,” the male handler shouted.
“All right. All right. Sheesh. You people. So uptight.” 
“Shut up!” the male commanded again. He flashed his UV torch at the back of her neck. 
Heat singed her skin. Ten times brighter than outdoor light, the UV torch’s instant blast of pain took her breath away. Mira hadn’t intended to, but as she flinched, shrinking back from the sting, she snapped her cuffs in two. She swung her free arm wide and hit the female handler so hard Mira knocked her to the ground. 
The male had his torch at the ready, aimed right at Mira. “Don’t move.”
With the female handler down, and the hallway empty, it was now or never. She would have to be quick. Once an alarm was raised, it would be all over for her. But if she was fast enough, she might just make it to an exit. A full face blast from the UV torch was worth the risk. She lunged straight at the male handler, overtaking him. Itchy as his trigger finger was, he couldn’t get a flash on her in time. She slammed him to the ground and then smashed his helmet a few times for good measure. He wouldn’t be seriously hurt — those brain buckets were good for something — but when he did finally wake up, he’d have one hell of a headache. That was karma enough for her. 
Secure in the knowledge that he was incapacitated and wouldn’t be chasing her down anytime soon, Mira took off down the long dark corridor. Down one dark hallway and up another, Mira ran without knowing exactly where she was heading. Everything looked the same – no signs, no arrows to point in any specific direction. Every corridor had the identical stark walls, unmarked doors, and annoyingly bright fluorescent lights. Another way to deter escape. The entire place was set up like a giant maze. Was she heading toward the exit, or back around to where she had just come from?  Still, hoping against all hope that she was heading in the right direction and not in circles, Mira continued on amid the blaring sirens and flashing red lights. 
Round one turn and then another, Mira was beginning to feel hopelessly lost. She’d been escorted to the arena, training hall, and prison areas so many times she knew the routes by heart, but she was well out of bounds now. 
Knowing she was short on time, Mira quickly rounded another corner and came face to face with a double set of guards.
Surprised and not as prepared as the handlers, they did not have their UV torches to hand. Mira had no problem incapacitating them and left them quietly on the ground, unconscious but still alive. 
Before she had a chance to stand, the hair on the back of Mira's neck prickled. An uncomfortable weight of unseen eyes settled on her. Dread sank to the pit of her stomach. Busted...and so close to escaping. Someone else was there, watching her. She felt it, but what was more unsettling was the fact they had yet to announce themselves. Guards would shoot first and ask questions later. Someone lurking in the shadows… there was no telling what game they’d be playing. 
Mira turned around and stood next to the guard she had just felled. It didn’t take much for her to find the source of her unease. A pair of mossy green eyes scrutinized her from the opposite end of the hall.
Heart pounding, she stared back at the man attached to those quizzical eyes. Human, no doubt. But he didn’t carry a weapon. Nor was there any fear in those green eyes of his. On the contrary, alone in a dark corridor, he stood his ground, lifting his head, and stared Mira down like an alpha from some long lost wolf pack. 
The strangeness of his manner caught Mira by surprise. For a few moments too long, she stood dumbfounded, trying to process who he was and what her next move should be. His face seemed oddly familiar, though at the moment she couldn’t place where she’d seen him before.
The strange man was tall and well built, but that really didn’t matter much. Mira could take down vampires larger than she with no problem. But that wasn’t the thing stopping her from making a move. Judging by the deep plum of his suit, he was a man of some power. Only the Elite – those in the ruling class – were ever permitted to wear such an audacious color. As desperate as Mira was at that moment, she needed to tread carefully. Being caught escaping — again — would earn her more time in the lightbox, but injuring an Elite could have her staked out in the middle of town square awaiting the dawn. 
“Aren't you going to finish him?” the man asked, his tone calm, soothing, as if he genuinely wanted to know the answer.
“Why don’t I finish you instead?” She hoped the warning in her voice would be enough to deter him, but still the man remained unfazed, like some stoic statue across the hallway. What was he playing at? And why was he just standing there, calmly, giving her every opportunity to strike? Did he really place so little value on his life?
“You could kill me, sure, but ask yourself how that is going to help your situation.” Spoken like a true Elite. He had to be up to something. 
She didn’t like the smugness in tone, but felt at a loss as to how to continue. She could be on him in a fraction of a second. Crush his windpipe, and maybe buy herself a few more minutes to find the exit, but she was lost and had already wasted too much time. However, her inaction was almost certain to earn her some additional reprisal as well. 
The corner of his lip quirked up. “I take it by your lack of response, that you’ve decided against harming me?” 
Damn him! He knew she couldn’t take the risk. “For the moment, I guess.” Mira did not let her own uncertainty leach out into her voice. She attempted to sound self-assured, as if she were the one in charge at that moment. 
“Well.” He let out a little sigh. “I’m pleased to hear that.” The strange man smiled congenially. “But, we will have to sort out what to do with you. It appears you’re out of bounds here.”
“You gonna help me back to my cell?” She threw her contempt at him. Bastard Elite! What did he know about boundaries? 
“The thought had crossed my mind, yes.”
“Of course it had. Too bad I was heading in the other direction.” Mira casually flicked her hand toward the hallway to her left.
“Wonderful, seeing as that is the way back to the cell block.” 
He was toying with her, like a cat with a mouse, Mira was sure of it. Whatever he had planned was sure to end with her enduring more punishment time in the lightbox. Mira pursed her lips. She wanted more than anything to be rid of him, but at this point she’d dug herself in too deeply to back out. Punishment or no, she had to play his little game. The alternative — certain death — was not worth the risk.
“Relax. I was only joking with you.” He held out his hands in mock surrender. “Please. I mean you no harm. But, in all seriousness, you know you can’t leave. Not like this.” 
The way he delivered those last words piqued her interest. “Are you saying there is a better way to leave?”
Mira picked up the heavy footfall of a few more guards headed in her direction. The human must have heard them too, because for a brief moment he turned his attention to the hallway. 
“Perhaps. But that all starts with how you manage the next few moments.” The Elite closed the distance between them, stepping confidently toward her as if she were as harmless as a kitten.
Part of her wanted to kill him and move on, even if there was no chance of escape, but the truth was plain: Her hesitation had ruined all chances she might have had of getting away. 
Mira’s shoulders slumped. “Fine. What help can you be?” 
His moss-green eyes met hers and for a moment Mira felt they were on even footing. “Let me take you back, myself. No weapons.” There was a genuine kindness in the way he spoke that did not fit his species or station. He held up his hands as proof that he had nothing to harm her with. “Just walk calmly with me, and I will ensure no reprisal comes to you.”
Utterly confused, Mira could no longer hold the anger in her voice. “Why would you do this for me?”
‘Politician’ was her first thought. How much publicity would he receive for single-handedly bringing in a vampire? 
“Why didn’t you kill those guards?” he responded with equal measure of curiosity.
She glanced down at the unconscious men and felt a twinge of sorrow. Their breathing was shallow but steady. They’d be out for at least a little longer, but when they woke, with heads pounding, they’d wish they were dead. “They got what was coming to them, but just because they’re pricks doesn’t mean they deserve death. They’re just trained idiots doing their job.” 
One of the Elite’s eyebrows quirked up. “Interesting,” he chuckled. “They aren’t always the smartest of the litter. But don’t you need their blood? Don’t you crave every last drop?”
“Of course I crave blood, like you do a hamburger or potato chips, but, like you, I do not need to gorge myself on them all day long. Only a little at a time is needed to satiate my hunger. Any more than that is gluttony.” Mira hoped he caught her little jab at him. Those of the Elite were no strangers to indulging in whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted it. They were the definition of gluttons. “The pint or two I need daily will not kill anyone.” 
Embarrassment flashed across the Elite’s face for the briefest of moments before it vanished. “I guess I always assumed…. Never mind. Come. I hear the guards approaching. Allow me to escort you back, and we’ll chat about all of this later.” 
He stepped forward cautiously and lifted his hand to grasp her by the arm.  
Reflexively, Mira’s lip curled into a sneer. She didn’t want to trust this man — humans could never be trusted — but she had no other choice.
Allowing him to take hold of her arm, she gave the Elite a look of warning and a quick flash of her fangs. 
Looking as if he was trying to remain unfazed by her feral growl, he held his head high and pierced her with his mossy green gaze. “Follow my lead.” 
“Fine,” she managed to say, though she had many other choice words in mind.

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