Do You Read?

Rant time….

One thing that really grates my nerves is when I hear someone say, “Oh I don’t read.” Now, when we were all kids, forced to read standard issue school approved text, reading sucked. I get that. Many people were turned off by it. Read to get through school requirements and then never have to touch a book again, right? Wrong. Reading is not something to dread. Reading takes you into the farthest depths of your imagination. Reading unlocks doors, it breathes life into new people, and allows you to escape from the doldrums of reality, if only for a short while.

When I hear people say they don’t read, it makes me sad. Because reading isn’t a thing to dread.  There is a book out there for you. There is a story that will capture your imagination. If you sit and watch TV all the time, you’re missing out. All of those stories are out there in some form in a book. 

And you know what? The stories in books are far better than the ones you see on the big or small screen.

So, there’s my little rant. Don’t be one of those people who say, “I don’t read.” Pick up a book. Do it. 

Do it now!!!

Rant over. 

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