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I know Katie from another publishing company and from a mutual friend that has saved my butt on many times. I'm awfully thankful for the ability to guest post on her blog and I hope I can return the favor in the future. But enough of sending sunshine in places that sunshine doesn't naturally go, on with the news about my latest and greatest creation!

Imagine fields filled with wheat and corn. Orchards full of trees laden with bananas, almonds, oranges, apples, and more. Ranches with tens of thousands of cattle. All of it raised and harvested in the oldest of human professions— farming for the sake of providing for the human race.

For a small group of kids on the terraformed planet of Venus, that's exactly what life is like. They were born there and they grew up there, knowing what it was to put in a hard day's work and feeling the satisfaction that comes from reaping the fruit of their labors at the end of the day. And for most of them, unfortunately, will die there.

A wind of change is blowing and it brought with it an army of soldiers and war machines. A revolution, long brewed in secrecy, is laying waste to humanity to set things right. Or as right as their leader, the newly elected President Ondalla, believes things should be.

For the kids investigating the strange noises in the forests of Venus, only death or capture awaits. Two of those kids, anxious to explore a life of their own in a budding relationship, are stripped apart and forced to live different lives. For them the only option is the futile act of resistance or accepting fate and turning their backs on what happened to their family and friends.

Following in the wake of some amazing dystopian science fiction like The Hunger Games and Divergent comes my latest series: Transcendent. Transcendent is set to fill in the holes and take the reader to a new future with new possibilities. Tragic romance, intrigue, action and adventure, and even some giant robots make for a coming of age story that cannot be denied.

It's available on Amazon and Smashwords right now, with more to come in the very near future. Get your copy before your friends start talking about it and leave you wondering what you're missing.

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Katie's Paranormal Posse, Want to Join the Inner Circle?

Are you a blogger? Do you run a Facebook page? Are you a Twitter aficionado? I’m looking at you, yeah you!
Have you read any of my books? Did you love them? Do you want more?

If you answered yes to any of the above, especially that last bit, then I want you!

I’ve teamed up with Lou (blogger at Relaxed Reads) to set up and run a Street Team: Katie’s Paranormal Posse.

Interested in signing up? Keep reading for the details on this group and how to sign up.

What’s a Street team, you ask? It’s a group of amazing readers who love to chat online about books, host book tours, tweet about giveaways, and connect with the authors they love.

And that’s what Katie’s Paranormal Posse is all about. As members of the team either myself or Lou will contact you from time to time with details of events; like book sales, cover reveals and future release dates, all we ask is from you is that you help to promote these events and my books! You can use whichever sites you already have whether its a blog, facebook, twitter, google+, instagram etc.
Try link back to me whenever you share a link.

Street Team members receive special incentives for actively being part of the team. These include:
     Access to Katie Salidas’ inner circle: Facebook group for the team
     Exclusive Street Team Giveaways
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     Signed Swag
     ARC Review opportunities

So do you want to be a part of this awesome street team? Just fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch soon.

Complication Blog Tour


Narrowly escaping death at the hands of the Magistrate, Mira travels west, toward the coast. With three weakened human fugitives accompanying her, she searches for the mythical land of Sanctuary.
After encountering a pack of wolf shifters, headed by the charismatic—and brazen—Stryker, Mira learns that Sanctuary is real after all.  Caldera Grove: home of the Otherkin. Hidden in the mouth of a dormant volcano, it has protected its residents from humans since the early days following the great cataclysm. For Mira— a vampire— Caldera Grove is a land of peace; an escape from the relentless persecution of the humans who once enslaved her, and an end to the daily struggle and bloodshed of being a gladiator.
For the humans accompanying her, Caldera Grove means death. Humans, greedy and untrustworthy creatures, are destroyed before they can penetrate its borders.
To plead her case for entry into Caldera, Mira must abandon her companions, albeit temporarily, and follow Stryker into the heart of the city. What she finds within Caldera Grove presents her with an unenviable decision between her own desires for freedom and peace, or honor and the human companions who risked it all for her.

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