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Coming SoonFebruary 11th 2014

Chronicles of the Uprising: Book 1

The great cataclysm wiped almost all life from the face of planet Earth, but tiny pockets of survivors crawled from the ashes, with only one thought: survival, at any cost.
But not all survivors were human.
In the dark, militant society that has risen in the aftermath, vampires, once thought to be mythical, have been assimilated and enslaved. Used for blood sport their lives are allowed to continue only for the entertainment of the masses. Reviled as savages, they are destined to serve out their immortal lives in the arena, as gladiators.
And there is no greater gladiator than Mira: undefeated, uncompromising...and seemingly unbreakable. When an escape attempt leads Mira into the path of Lucian Stavros, the city’s Regent, her destiny is changed forever.
Lucian, raised in a culture which both reviles and celebrates the savagery and inhumanity of vampires, finds Mira as intriguing as she is brash. An impulsive decision - to become Mira’s patron – changes more than just Lucian’s perception about vampire kind.  The course of his life is altered in ways he could never have predicted – a life that is suddenly as expendable as hers.
Can Mira prove to Lucian that all is not as it seems? Can Lucian escape centuries of lies, bloodshed, and propaganda to see the truth? Or will the supreme power of the human overlords destroy them both?

How About A Sample?

©Katie Salidas 2014
Rising Sign Books LLC

the hair on the back of Mira's neck prickled. An uncomfortable weight of unseen eyes settled on her. Dread sank to the pit of her stomach. Busted...and so close to escaping. Someone else was there, watching her. She felt it, but what was more unsettling was the fact they had yet to announce themselves. Guards would shoot first and ask questions later. Someone lurking in the shadows… there was no telling what game they’d be playing.
Mira turned around and stood next to the guard she had just felled. It didn’t take much for her to find the source of her unease. A pair of mossy green eyes scrutinized her from the opposite end of the hall.
Heart pounding, she stared back at the man attached to those quizzical eyes. Human, no doubt. But he didn’t carry a weapon. Nor was there any fear in those green eyes of his. On the contrary, alone in a dark corridor, he stood his ground, lifting his head, and stared Mira down like an alpha from some long lost wolf pack.
The strangeness of his manner caught Mira by surprise. For a few moments too long, she stood dumbfounded, trying to process who he was and what her next move should be. His face seemed oddly familiar, though at the moment she couldn’t place where she’d seen him before.
The strange man was tall and well built, but that really didn’t matter much. Mira could take down vampires larger than she with no problem. But that wasn’t the thing stopping her from making a move. Judging by the deep plum of his suit, he was a man of some power. Only the Elite – those in the ruling class – were ever permitted to wear such an audacious color. As desperate as Mira was at that moment, she needed to tread carefully. Being caught escaping—again—would earn her more time in the light box, but injuring an Elite could have her staked out in the middle of town square awaiting the dawn.
“Aren't you going to finish him?” the man asked, his tone calm, soothing, as if he genuinely wanted to know the answer.
“Why don’t I finish you instead?” She hoped the warning in her voice would be enough to deter him, but still the man remained unfazed, like some stoic statue across the hallway. What was he playing at? And why was he just standing there, calmly, giving her every opportunity to strike? Did he really place so little value on his life?
“You could kill me, sure, but ask yourself how that is going to help your situation.” Spoken like a true Elite. He had to be up to something.
She didn’t like the smugness in tone, but felt at a loss as to how to continue. She could be on him in a fraction of a second. Crush his windpipe, and maybe buy herself a few more minutes to find the exit, but she was lost and had already wasted too much time. However, her inaction was almost certain to earn her some additional reprisal as well.
The corner of his lip quirked up. “I take it by your lack of response, that you’ve decided against harming me?”
Damn him! He knew she couldn’t take the risk. “For the moment, I guess.” Mira did not let her own uncertainty leach out into her voice. She attempted to sound self-assured, as if she were the one in charge at that moment.
“Well.” He let out a little sigh. “I’m pleased to hear that.” The strange man smiled congenially. “But, we will have to sort out what to do with you. It appears you’re out of bounds here.”

Check back here for more updates. Dissension is currently set to release February 11th 2014

NEW Release to look for - Hunted: a Shifters' World novella by Ruby Fielding:

K.S.  Hello and welcome to the blog. I am very excited to have you here. Why don’t we start off with a small introduction? Tell us a little about yourself. 

I’m a British author, currently living in the heart of a New England forest – up in the White Mountains in New Hampshire and baby it’s cold out there! I travel at every opportunity, and I’ve lived in England, Scotland, the US, France, India and Australia. I’d far rather struggle to make ends meet and have a life rich in experience, than be nice and secure in another dull nine to five job. Which is just as well, really!

I write all kinds of things, under a variety of pen-names. Most of my work involves ghost-writing books for mostly minor celebrities, all covered by non-disclosure agreements before you ask! It pays the bills and it sure does give me lots of material. My real writing love is things that go bump in the night: erotica and romance of all paranormal varieties.

K.S.  Any interesting writing quirks or stories you would like to share with my readers?

For many, writing is a solitary activity, but I love the buzz of everyday life around me. So wherever I happen to be living, you're likely to find me at the nearest wifi hot spot with my laptop and a large mug of coffee.

K.S.  When did you realize you wanted to be a writer? What sparked the desire to pen your first novel?

I’ve always written. At school I wrote stories that featured my friends and made fun of the teachers – it was how I tried to be cool. Someone really should have told me there were easier ways to be cool.

At university I worked on my college newspaper, and I went into journalism and advertising copywriting. I still do bits and pieces of all kinds of writing, but on my own terms: I have the luxury of variety and being able to pick and choose and somehow being able to get by.

What sparked the desire? Corny, but once I’d discovered the fascination of watching worlds unfold before me and creating and learning about so many different characters there was no way of going back. I know I write about magic, but this is the real magic!

K.S.  What genre do you write?

As me I write paranormal romance and erotica. My current series, Shifters’ World, is a werewolf romance set in a post-apocalypse world; earlier stories have featured ghosts and witchcraft. Under other names I’d probably struggle to name a genre I haven’t tried!

K.S.  What would you say has inspired you most in your writing career? Or, who is your favorite author and why?

So many inspirations, but if I had to name a single author it would probably have to be Stephen King. That’s an easy option – who wouldn’t be inspired by a writer like King? – but it’s only easy because he’s so damned inspiring. His is the classic story of a writer who worked his ass off to get the breaks, but it’s his writing that really inspires: convincing characters, great stories and complete mastery of using every trick in the book to get under your skin and hook you into his story.

K.S.  What does your family think of your writing?

Mostly they’re very proud. They know how tough it can be to actually support yourself as a writer. They’re also intrigued: I stick by those non-disclosure agreements so they don’t know what I spend most of my time actually writing. They probably think I write that Fifty Shades stuff or something...

K.S.  What was one of the most surprising things you learned while creating your book/s?

That I can still be surprised. Those moments when a character suddenly acts according to their own agenda rather than following your plan. You learn to trust those moments and enjoy the uncertainty: your characters have got themselves into this particular mess and you know they’ll work it out. I just love it when a story comes alive like that.

K.S.  What inspires you?

Living on the edge. Yes, I make my living from writing, but it’s very much a case of scraping by from contract to contract. It’s scary and I really should be better at financial planning for the future, but there’s nothing like a stack of bills to inspire you to get back to the keyboard. And there’s not much better than having a job where you write stories: other people’s stories, your own stories, whatever. I love this life!

K.S.  Can you tell us a little about any of your novels? (Do you have a novel synopsis or jacket copy? If you would like you can also include a snippet of your first chapter. Please no more than 500 words for space issues.)

Synopsis of Hunted: a Shifters' World novella by Ruby Fielding:

Should she struggle to survive alone or give in to desire and risk the - perhaps deadly - company of others?

In a world where plague has swept civilization away like leaves in a storm, where viruses that cause people to shift and change have altered what it is, for most, to be human, a few survivors hold out in a desperate attempt to save the human race. Selene lives alone in the forest, protecting herself from human and shifter alike until one day a stranger turns up: a young man called Skinner, out on a quest to hunt down and destroy any shifter he can find. Torn between desire and fear, Selene must confront her true nature and make some impossible choices if she is to survive this harsh, post-apocalyptic future.

Hunted: a Shifters' World novella - a shapeshifter erotic romance of survival and desire in a deadly future from the co-author of Seduced by Moonlight and The Touch.

"He put a hand to her face then, his knuckles brushing along her jaw and then he buried his fingers in her hair, tipping her head back. His mouth came down on her neck: hard lips and then the wet heat of his tongue and the delicious pain of raking teeth, dragging across her skin to that point where too hard is exactly hard enough."

K.S.  Where can we buy your novel?

Hunted: a Shifters' World novella is currently available from:

K.S.  Do you have a website, fan site, or Blog that we can visit?

All the latest news on my writing and publishing can be found on my website and on my Amazon author page; also, why not join my mailing list for news and offers, or hook up with me on Facebook?

K.S.  Do you have any closing advice to aspiring writers?

Take every opportunity to work with other writers. Whether you’re following the conventional trade publishing route or going indie, it’s more important than ever that you deliver your absolute best; feedback and quality control from fellow writers can make a huge difference to this process.