Become A Character Contest!!!

Become A Character Contest!!!

Who wants to become a character in my next Immortalis Series Novella!

Ladies, ladies, ladies. You all know you secretly love the dark and brooding vampire, Nicholas. He’s been so lonely for so long and only you can fill the void in his heart and bring a smile to his face.

While this is not actually Nicholas, this is how I have always pictured him in my head. Very similar to the sexy  Aussie, Eric Bana. 

Here are the contest rules and regs:

Enter to be written as a character in my book. I'll create your character using your name, description and personality 
(I'll send over a questionnaire, etc. to find out all about you!)

The winner will get:

* A prominent role in the new book as Nicholas’s potential new mate.
* The ability to read the book before it's released to the public.
* Added to the Acknowledgments page of the book.
* An Interview on my blog ( and the Publisher’s blog (

To enter, you can simply comment on this blog post telling me why you love Nicholas. To get more entries, you can do the following:

* Leave a comment on this blog post (+ 1 point)

* Follow my blog (+ 1 point)

* Follow me on Twitter (@quixotickatie) (+ 1 point)

* Tweet about the contest (+ 1 point)

Sample Tweet: (Copy and paste)
Back off ladies, Nicholas is my man! I'm going to become a character in the next Immortalis novel by @QuixoticKatie!

* Friend me on Facebook ( )(+ 1 point)

* Mention the contest on Facebook (+ 1 point)

* Mention the contest on your blog (+ 1 point)

* Purchase any one of the Immortalis series books. (Immortalis Carpe Noctem, Hunters & Prey, Pandora’s Box, Soulstone, & Moonlight) (+1 points per book-- total of 5 additional points--simply send me an email to katiesalidas AT gmail DOT com and tell me what the first sentence of chapter three is (in any whichever book you purchase) to verify that you purchased it. Please don't leave the first sentence in the blog post--just mention that you purchased the book and email me separately!)

Do all of the above and you'll earn an extra 5 bonus points! Just mention in your blog comment how many points you earned (and how you earned those points). A sample comment could look like this:

Hey, Katie, I want to be Nicholas’s mate!!!! I have a total of 8 points for commenting on your blog, friending you on Facebook, tweeting about your contest and purchasing your book!

This contest is open until October 31st 2012 with the winner announced on November 3rd 2012!

Contest Rules:

* Total your points in the comments field of this blog and tell me how you earned your points. (I will be checking up on your entries.)
* The winner will be drawn at random (the more points you have, the more entries you'll get)

Want the whole background story of your character potential new mate? Read my books, Immortalis Carpe Noctem, Hunters & Prey, Pandora’s Box, Soulstone, & Moonlight (Also available in paperback).


Ashley Wintters said...

Ok, I know I got 6--following you on twitter, facebook & blog and I mentioned on facebook, tweeted and this comment. I also have all of your books but as I bought them before this I wasn't sure it counted :)
Nicholas is so dark and hot! Not to mention his sense of humor would fit perfectly with mine!!

Unknown said...

I would love to be a character!! Pick me pick me!!

Katie Salidas said...

Ashley, remember the bonus points too!

simply send me an email to katiesalidas AT gmail DOT com and tell me what the first sentence of chapter three is (in any whichever book you purchase)


Katie Salidas said...


Be sure to read the rules on how to enter. There are plenty of ways to earn points to boost your chances to win.

Minnie Lahongrais said...

Hi Katie!

My total points are 7. I will send you an email with the sentences you require from the two books I actually purchased (though you know I have everything you've ever written!)

P.S. I don't think my heart could take it if i were to be picked to be his mate. LOL!!

Read Between the Lines said...

Katie I would love to be a character in your book. I love Nicholas attitude I love the banter he has with Alyssa and Fallon both. I love how loyal he is. and I have 7 pts.

Unknown said...


You know I've always been a supporter of your books! I'd love to be a character in your book with Nicholas because honestly, I adore that name, and I love his character. He has indeed been through a lot and I would just love to be the one to comfort him ;)

I already have your books, I follow your Twitter, Blog, and Tweeted. Looks like I got 4 points!


Carin said...

* Leave a comment on this blog post (+ 1 point) Done

* Follow my blog (+ 1 point)Done

* Follow me on Twitter (@quixotickatie) (+ 1 point)Done

* Tweet about the contest (+ 1 point)Done

* Friend me on Facebook ( )(+ 1 point) Done

* Mention the contest on Facebook (+ 1 point)Done

Total of 6 Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie! Interesting contest.
Nicholas is so dark, brooding, and handsome. he has a heart, just needs to be reminded of it. I like seeing tortured hearts behind to heal and I think a strong woman could do that for him.

I follow your blog,
I'm a friend on Facebook,
I follow on Twitter,
I've shared the contest of Facebook,
I tweeted the contest on Twitter, I left a comment on the blog,
I've mentioned the contest on my blog, and I have all 5 books. :)
So that covers everything. Which, I believe comes out to 17 points. :)
Sending the email now. :)

Anonymous said...

lol, typo. begin to heal.

Katie Salidas said...

Yay! I'm so happy to see so many people participating! Keep up the good work, and thanks for all the likes and tweets today! *Hugs* I can't wait to see who will be my new character!!

Steph C. Brentson said...

I would love to Nicholas’s mate!!!!
I follow your blog,
I'm a friend on Facebook,
I follow on Twitter,
I've shared the contest of Facebook,
I tweeted the contest on Twitter,
I left a comment on the blog,

Total 6 points

KT Shelby said...

Hey, Katie, Am following you on twitter and friends with you on facebook, going to tweet the contest on my twitter and share it on facebook, what I Love About Nicholas is that he is super hot and cares for alyssa and i would just love to be his mate, and i am following on your blog

KT Shelby said...

I shared the contest's on facebook tag you in and shared it on twitter and on my blog

DamnedYankee said...

Sooo I resurrected my old Twitter to do this! lol I <3 this series!!!

Alexia Purdy said...

I sooo need to win!!! Does it count if we're already friends on FB, already followed you on twitter and on your blog? I tweeted and shared on fb and now commented here so if those all count it should be 6 Points :D <3 Nicholas!!! He's so mine, and channeling Eric Bana is perfect, he's my movie boyfriend <3, How did you know? LOL. <3

tiffenymoore said...

hi katie i am leaving a note on the blog, im following your blog, im following you on twitter, i tweeted about the contest, i friended you on facebook, i mentioned contest on facebook, and ive mentioned contest on blog thats 7 points

Anonymous said...

Nicholas' sense of humor and banter with Alyssa make him very attractive....I'm a sucker for a guy who can make me laugh.

Okay, so here's my list of things I've done:

I've left a comment +1
I follow your blog (as Sapphyria) +1
I follow you on Twitter as @saphs_books +1
I tweeted about the contest +1
I like you on FB as Sapphyria's Book Reviews +1
I posted the contest on FB +1
I mentioned the contest on my blog +1

I own all 5 of the books and have posted reviews of the first 4 on my blog, Amazon, and Goodreads. I will email your requested information about them when I get home tonight :) +5

My total for this Rockin' contest is:

12 points

Thank you,
saphsbookblog at gmail dot com

Katie Salidas said...

Ooooh, look at all the contest entries! You guys are doing a great job earning those points!! Keep up the good work. I can't wait to find out who will be my next new character.

Good luck!

Creed aka marianne ! said...

Hi katie, I think im doing this right !
Leaving a comment,
Following on twitter (moggkatt)
Tweeted about this!
Friend on facebook (creed)
Left comment on facebook
And I have all your books ;) care of the lovely people at amazon !
I think that is 11 points.
I would love to be in the new book, as much as i <3 lysander nicholas has an amazing sense of humour and its about time he was happy !

Unknown said...

i would LOVE to be a character in one of your amazing books :)
im leaving a comment :) 1point
follower alice priday 1point
twitter, bindisgirl 1point
tweet 1point
friends on facebook 1point
mention on fb 1point
blog 1 point
i own all your books so 5points
and ive emailed you the sentence
and for doing it all 5 extra points :) all up i have 17 points :)

Erin W. said...

* I commented, followed your blog, followed your twitter account, tweeted, friend you on facebook and mentioned the contest on facebook.

A total of 6 points for me.

Thanks again for this contest! Such an awesome idea! Hope I win it haha! ;)

Laura @Bookish Treasures said...

I would so love to be a character in one of your books.
I commented, followed your blog as laura carter, and follow on twitter as @Loopy_Lu_ , i also own some of your books so i will email you with the first lines of chapter 3 for each book. Great contest

Unknown said...

Thanks for running such an awesome contest!!! I would want to be Nicholas's partner because not only is he attractive but I love his sense of humor.

7 points for now. But, as soon as I get home from work tonight, I will earn more!

Kimberly Sheets said...

I followed you on Facebook and Twitter and posted about the contest on both. 4 points so far. Nicholas is sexy (in my head, mmm) and I like his sense of humor. Pick me plz!

Kimberly Sheets said...

I followed your blog, Facebook and.Twitter. Posted about contest on both and commenting on blog. 6 points... Love Nicholas, sexy mmm.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Aw! No place for guys in this one?

Maybe I just be one of Nick's old friends" Ok. Really old.

You know like the comic relief guy that is usually played by Kevin James! ;)

Sounds like a fun contest.

Sharon Stogner said...

follower on blog, FB and twitter, and tweeted and facebooked :) +6
he is a vampire...enough said! thanks for the wonderful opportunity
sstogner1 at gmail dot com

Laura B said...

Hi Katie! I would be thrilled to be Nicholas' mate! I believe I have 7 points, 1 for commenting, 1 for following your blog, and one for each book I have purchased.(I already emailed you) What I like best about Nicholas is his logic, his loyalty, and his wonderfully sarcastic sense of humor. Thank you so much for this chance to be a part of your awesome series!
madeleinebouquet at gmail dot com

Laura B said...

And now I have liked you on FB, and I've followed you on Twitter.(Laura Boyd on FB, @hoticehilda on Twitter) Thanks!:)

Chrisbails said...

I love Eric Bana. I fell in love with him when he was in The Time Travelers Wife. I knew he was in it and when I read the book first I pictured him of course. The movie was not as good as the book, but with Eric in it made up for cutting out parts.
This is a new series for me. Going to go out and get the first book and try it out.
Already friended on facebook. +1 Shared contest on facebook also +1
Follow on Twitter- +1
Shared on twitter +1
Left comment +1
Follow blog +1
Thanks for the giveaway.

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