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Many people have asked me to give advice on the subject of self-publishing. So, I thought, along with the book I wrote on the subject, I'd share a little chat about the basics. Please enjoy and share with someone you know who might be interested in self-publishing.

And of course, for more info please check out my book, Go Publish Yourself!

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Fairchild said...

Superb video. Thanks so much for taking the time to explain things.

M.L. Falconer said...


I'd purchased "Go Publish Yourself" some time ago and began reading it, however, I wish express my gratitude for this slideshow presentation. Hearing you explain things and your commentary gives a wonderful dimension that you obviously can't get from the book alone. In this world where nothing is free ... I appreciate your time and generosity is providing this video.

Also, thank you for directions on how to purchase autographed copies of your books. I've already purchased several in ebook form but now I need to decide which I would like autographed printed versions of. I can't decide so I may have to take them all. ;)

M.L. (aka Mel)

Katie Salidas said...

Thanks for stopping in to have a listen. I remember when I first started out, I would have given my right arm for some good advice. Unfortunately I ended up spending that arm plus a leg to publish my first book. Since then I have learned so much and now I am trying to change that for others. I want self-publishing to be something positive and not costly.