A new release by Robert Wacaster!!

My good friend Robert has a new book out and this one sounds sizzling!! 

Kiss the Darkness
ISBN: 978-1-61885-212-0

Sergeant Robert Vekesser is blinded by a mortar blast on Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan.  After arriving at a small rehab hospital in Germany, registered nurse Lieutenant Holly Winters is drawn to him.  Dealing with Robert’s new handicap isn’t easy, and both Holly and Robert take an emotional journey as they learn to deal with his loss of sight and the nightmares he begins to have.  Sharing a hospital room with two other wounded men, Robert learns to cope as best he can with Holly at his side.  When the inevitable transfer comes through for Robert to be sent stateside, will he and Holly be able to let each other go after falling in love?  Only time will tell.

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