Would you Become a Vampire, if given the Opportunity?

Vampires have always intrigued me. There was just something about those mysterious creatures of the night.  Unlike werewolves who hunted in the full moon, ripping their victims to shreds (Ouch), or Zombies (Shudder… I hate zombies) who stalked you for your brains and ate the flesh away from your bones, vampires would lull you into a stupor, mesmerizing you with their gorgeous eyes. Sometimes, for the lucky ones, they made you, like them.

I think that last bit is the most interesting part. Becoming a vampire and being granted immortality would be pretty cool.  Never to have to worry about sickness and death. To live and experience the world as it changes and grows.

It’s an enticing idea, no?

Of course if they were real, and you did turn, it wouldn’t be all glitz and glamour. Reality is never as fun as fantasy. Sure you could have your immortal lover forever and see the world grow all around you. That’s all fine and good, but mixed in there would be a pretty harsh reality to deal with.  There is that one pesky thing about killing and drinking blood that might be a problem.

And there’s the rub.

Could you do it?

I don’t think I could. Well, let me add the caveat. I don’t think I could do it willingly.

It’s a theme I touch on in my Immortalis series. My main character, Alyssa is turned without knowing all that it entails. It’s something she struggles with. Killing is not something a normal person considers; but, if it is what you have to do to survive, you have to find a way to cope. 

As a victim of a horrible mugging, Alyssa finds hunting down criminals as a way to deal with her need for blood. If she has to kill, then it will help stop bad people from harming others. It works for her, but not every vampire follows that method of thinking. Each vampire has to deal with killing and death in their own way. 

So the question remains, and I open up the floor to you readers: Would you willingly turn vampire, knowing it meant you had to kill for blood? How would you cope? Whom would you hunt?


Lorelei Bell said...

Well, you know the idea of killing anything as a human is a little daunting, isn't it? I mean do we kill our own food? Unless you're a hunter--no. I think as a society we've separated ourselves so far from what we once were it would be difficult to consider killing for food--a basic need.

That being said, I think I would if I had to. If I were somehow deprived of having someone kill and then cut up my meat I'd have t learn how to kill animals. Fish are not hard to kill--just hard to catch.

The same would be true if you were "turned", and I like how you've found a way for your character to kill for food. That would be a natural choice for a reluctant vampire.

Great post Katie! This months posts were a great idea!

The Cowboy and Vampire said...

We'd probably say yes, then opt to be Vampires somewhere filled with really bad people - mobsters or pirates - or maybe go the Dexter route and feed on serial killers.

Denise Verrico said...

I'd love to be immortal, but not a vampire. I love the sun, and the sight of blood make me queasy. I suffer from seasonal affectation disorder and turning the clocks back next week is really bumming me! Writing about them is much more fun.

Katie Salidas said...

Great comments you guys! Keep them coming!

Michelle D. Argyle said...

I figure if I was turned, I wouldn't care at that point about drinking blood because I'd need it so badly, but who knows. If I had to go shoot my own deer, I could, and vampires seem a little animalistic, so maybe there's the key to embracing it. Female praying mantises eat the male after mating. Does it get any more brutal than that?

All musing aside, I'd really just rather stay the way I am. :)

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