Help! The boxes are taking over!!!!

The boxes have taken over my house... Hundreds of them. They're everywhere!!!!

Just take a look at the carnage.
This once beautiful and majestic bookshelf has been overrun with boxes.

They're insatiable, gobbling up everything in their path.

So... with that said... you might notice a slight slow-down here on Written In Blood... at least a slow down of post by me. I'll hopefully be bringing on some guest authors for the summer while I am otherwise occupied defending myself against the onslaught of boxes and attempting to wrangle them into a new holding facility (our new home).

What I'm looking for in a guest post....
For regular guest posting (Monday-Thursday), I like to cover topics that help out other self published writers: "How to," Tips & Tricks, Things I wish I had known before... That kind of stuff.

For authors looking to be a part of the weekend spotlight (Saturday & Sunday), contact me and I can send you the Author interview sheet and request for info.

If you'd like to sign up to do some guest posting during the summer months, please send me an email at

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