What should I read?

For my birthday, Hubby got me the ereader I'd been dreaming about! That's right, I finally got a Kindle!!! Woot Woo!!

Then, my mother gave me an Amazon gift card. I think you know where this is going...

So now that I have my handy dandy ereading device, what do I put on it? That's where you come in. I want to hear your recommendations.

What should I read?

There are some ground rules of course. 

1) I like Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Erotica, and Fantasy.
2) I want to help support the Indie community, no traditionally published books for now please
3) I don't want people posting suggestions just to plug their books. Give me a suggestion based on what you have read and really enjoyed.

Tell me what books are out there in the indie, self-published realm that you think would make for a nice addition to my Kindle.


Stina said...

I buy YA books and download steamy (erotic) romantic suspenses onto my iPod (so that my kids don't accidentally grab the wrong books).

Sorry, no suggestions since I still read traditionally published books.

Megan Duncan said...

You might like Initiation by Aaron Niz. He is an indie author and I would say the book is probably an adult urban fantasy. I read the book and liked it.

DarkBloodyVamp said...

Oh you have to read Tina Folsom's books!

She is an indie writer who self-publishes and her books are paranormal erotica books featuring vampires.

I HIGHLY recommend her Scanguard Vampires series (there are 3 out now). Book 1 Samsom's Lovely Mortal, Book 2 Amaury's Hellion , and Book 3 Gabriel's Mate)

Also she wrote two novella series that features vampires in Venice during the 1800's and they are HOT!

Book 1 Venice Vampyr and Book 2 Venice Vampyr: Final Affair.

Her books are great high rating from everyone who reads them (however there have been one or two who didn't heed her warning about the explicit sex scenes and were offended) LOL my kind of books. :)

Warning her sex scenes are very explicit, but don't let that fool you. Her characters are amazing. Fully developed and fleshed out to the point that they seem real and you really feel for them and what they are going through.

I'm still going through her other books she has published but if you start with these you may become hooked on her.

Her books are available on Amazon.

Katie Salidas said...

Thanks for the suggestions! I've got Tina loaded on my Kindle and I'll be checking out Aaron Niz.

Unknown said...

Dresden Files best Urban Fantasy I've read thus far. Love the Dresden series Harry is hilarious!

Unknown said...

The Dresden Files best urban fantasy I've read thus far and they're action packed,bloody, & not to mention Harry Dresden is a hilarious smart ass

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