Is that unreal, surreal, or for real? - Guest post by Bitten Twice

Today's guest post comes from the author of the hot new vampire book Blood Moon!

"It's a dark and stormy night..."

Your eyes roll off of the ereader glancing at the flickering candle you placed on the nearby side table to set the mood. The wind picks up like breath at the nape of your neck. Somewhere in the house a door closes. No one else is home. Snuggling deeper into your comfy armchair you, revert your focus to your ereader. The screen has gone dark.

You sigh perhaps and reach for your glass of Shiraz while fumbling for the button to remind your ereader you're ready to read. Your fingers grasp at the air. The thunder angrily bellows in the distance in response to the lightning that sliced through the clouds. You wonder if your glass had moved, hadn't you placed it just a notch closer. No one else is home.

A good book with help from Mother Nature can augment any mood. So much of reading is individual perception and relates not so much to the message the author intended but the state in which it is received.

Something about a Vampire (ooh that sounds like a good title) is so sexy. Is it the image of perfection; the chance for immortality; or their facile ability to look good in any ensemble or lack thereof?

I admit it sounds enticing.

But how enticing? I read an article in the newspaper recently about the bloodlust underground in Miami FL. Doesn't that sound cool? It could be a great name for a club or a bar. Well maybe not-so-cool after you read further into it. There are those are continue the practice of bloodletting and not in efforts to cure an ailment but rather for the purposes of drinking the blood. Granted, I don't believe pints are being consumed but still. Is this interesting or just plain creepy?

So what is it about the Vampire that has such an allure. Perhaps the supernatural powers that many vampires seem to possess helps to lull the senses into a different mental state?

When "A Blood Moon" opens Alexander hits a club for dinner. Alexander is a 2000 year old vampire who loves everything about life and his second life except for the solitary existence. There's something is the way that he moves through the club up the stairs towards the terrace to find the flavor that he's looking for. The seduction and foreplay that takes place before Alexander takes her blood is all mental. Although she is naught but a pint short she walks away satisfied.
Returning the focus to Club Underground being a little ignorant to the allure there I have to make some assumptions. The person doing the bloodletting does not possess any supernatural powers that lull or in this case dull the senses and perhaps there is some amount of pain involved and possible healing process afterwards? Our human bodies cannot be sustained by the consumption of another’s blood so for me this sounds like role playing to the nth degree.

Is that unreal, surreal, or for real?


Unknown said...

All of the above ... which is, of course, what makes it intriguing ;)

Bitten Twice said...

Thank you so much to Katie Salidas for hosting this blog today. You are appreciated.

@ KLo I too am curious... but only to observe and even then I think I have some reservations.

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