What do you want to see?

I cannot believe how much this blog has grown over the last two years! As of this week the blog hit a record 200+ followers. That is amazing!

Thank you all for the love an support. I hope to continue to grow this blog and provide you all with interesting content.

With that, I am asking you, the readers: What do you want to see here?

More interviews?
More tips and tricks?
Book Reviews?
News and Updates from Rising Sign Books?
Or, something else...

You tell me, I'm open to suggestions.

And thanks again for all the wonderful support. I cannot say it enough; I love the writing community, you are all a great bunch of people!


Jessica Nelson said...

Congrats on the growth!
As a writer, I think how you've started your own pub is pretty fascinating, but maybe readers would be interested in other kind of things?

Stina Lindenblatt said...

congrats on hitting 200 followers. I hit the same last night. :)

I like tips.

Lorrie said...

lol, Margaret. It sounds as if you have multiple personalities when you are in the throes of writing your novels. Must have been scary for the hubby. Only kidding, of course. I do read aloud, too.
The novel looks fab. It is in my TBR pile.
Good luck with it.