Questions about writing a male perspective as a female

My good friend over at Coffee Fueled Erotica, Emma Hillman, Author of the newly released Man Frame posed a great question the other day. 

Do we, the female authors of Erotica or even Romance, get the male perspective right?

(Copied from the blog) 

I would also like to know from our male bloggers/followers whether what authors write in the male/hero's POV always work. For example, have they ever thought "I'd never do/say that"? Most erotica authors are women, so it'd be interesting to know if we get it wrong once in a while. I know I'd like to know (for future reference!) if I made my hero do something that was entirely too out there for a man...or just plain wrong!
So, what do you say, guys?
Men, Speak up (ladies you can post your opinion as well). Let us know what you think. Pop on over to Coffee Fueled Erotica and give us your opinion.