It feels good to be creating again

I’ve noticed that when I am not writing I get a bit cranky, but unfortunately, I cannot always write. Editing, revising, and promoting of already finished work takes up most of my time.

I see status updates on myspace and facebook, with other writers touting their current goals and achievements. It’s always bittersweet seeing someone announce “Hey, I wrote 2k words today.” I wish that were me.

Somedays I feel I will never find the time to write again. Then something miraculous happens. The muse appears, from out of nowhere, and starts urging me to drop everything and create.

Let me tell you this; when the muse talks you (or at least I) cannot help but listen. My muse is very adamant when she wants to be heard. Ideas will pop in my head and a sudden drive to write takes over. It doesn’t matter what else I have to do, I must find time to write all of these wonderful ideas down. Thank goodness I always have a notebook with me.  It’s as if a spirit is demanding I take notice and put the pieces of her plot puzzle together.

Well, thankfully after a long hiatus, she is talking again. She’s delivered me the plot to the third installment of the Immortalis series.

Thank you muse. It feels good to be creating again


Jessica Nelson said...

Hey Katie, too funny but when I saw this in my dashboard I was like, who? Wha? LOL I'm so sorry I missed your self-pubbing series. That was during my crazy month. LOL I plan to go read it soon. Great new look too, and I'm glad your muse is speaking. :-)

M. Bail said...

I know exactly how you feel. I have the first draft of two books in my trilogy done, so it's definitely time for editing. But I keep getting ideas for new stories (oddly not for the third book in the trilogy, though). I keep a notebook too. I've got so many ideas I'll never be able to write them all!!

Have fun with your muse!

Steena Holmes said...

I get so cranky when I can't write - it's not even funny. Everyone around me always asks 'have you written today' - gets to be a bit annoying yet funny at the same time. LOL

Susan R. Mills said...

Gotta love the muse!

Stina said...

I hear you on this one. I find I have less time to work on my wips, which is frustrating.

Janna Leadbetter said...

I'm the same way; cranky when I haven't been able to write. It's so something about our personalities!

I try not to compare my progress with others. We have to stay in ourselves, and in our projects, because that's right for us.

Theresa Milstein said...

Oh, the nagging muse! Mine kept me up on Sunday night - I would've gotten more sleep if I'd just listened to her and gone to bed later so I could've written.

I know it's hard, but try not to compare yourself to others. Be proud of your own accomplishments.

We writers need our writing time.

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