Self-Publishing, Step Four.

Step Four – I have a book, now what?

You’ve done everything and now have a book in your hot little hands, ready to sell.


Wait, did you think you were finished?

No, no, this is just the beginning.

Now it’s time to market it!

If you thought putting the book together was tough, you ain’t seen nuthin yet!

That is another downside to going it alone, you truly are alone. Who are you going to get to buy your book? Friends and family will only take you so far and many of them are more moral support than financial. Don’t be surprised if only a select few members of your friends and family actually purchase your book. Hey, it happens.

What you need to do is get out there and pound the virtual pavement to push your book. If people don’t know about your book, they certainly won’t buy it. Promote promote promote.

Start off by arming yourself with a few tools.

Put together a press kit.

You will need:

A good quality picture of yourself
Business cards
Promo stuff (bookmarks, flyers, post cards, etc...)
A bio
A good quality picture of your book cover
A summary sheet.
A sales sheet
A media release (to announce your book)
Generic “suggested” Interview questions and answers. (to share with people potentially interested in hosting you)
Approximately 30 copies of your book for giveaways.

These are your basic tools to begin your marketing quest.

Next, (and really you should have already thought of this) you need to target your book market and make a plan for attack. (Think of this in war strategy, where will the enemy be and what is the best method to get to them.)

I’m going to use my book for example.

Immortalis Carpe Noctem
Genre – Dark/Urban Fantasy
Target Market – Men & Women age 18 -40 Fans of Vampires, Werewolves, Shapeshifters, etc...

Now, plan out the what and how and implement it. (Note, you may not accomplish all of these tasks immediately. That’s ok. Putting them down on paper helps ensure you don’t forget them.)

Phase 1 – Internet –Social Network Marketing.

Press Kit
• Set up Press Kit and Rising Sign website.
• Include links to any and all online author or book features such as blog interviews, guest spots, & book giveaways.

Create Main website

• Optimize main site to capture email addresses and encourage direct sales with free workbook
• Sale of book in multiple media – ebook, audio and print book

Blog Tours
• Signed on with various review sites to gain honest reviews of book.
• Seek out Genre Specific blogs for guest appearances, Interviews and giveaways.

Online Retail Sales

  • Add Amazon blog and all testimonials link to main website.
  • Add author Info to Amazon profile page.
  • Add video to my Amazon page
  • Promote sales through my affiliate Amazon Store

Blog and social networking

• Drive traffic to my website and encourage sales through my blog at
• Link Facebook Profile with other social Networking sites.
• Link Myspace Profile with other social Networking sites.
• Link Goodreads profile with other social Networking sites.
• Link Twitter Profile with other social Networking sites.
• LinkedIn profile has info on the book as well as the day job
• Channel on YouTube for book related videos
• Profile on

Word of mouth and viral marketing

• Post videos on YouTube with excerpts from the book.
• Add signature file with book free offer and website to all emails

Joint Ventures
Blog Guests

• Invite other authors and business people to be guest blogs or interviews on my blog. They reciprocate and promote me.

Book Reviews
• Target Genre specific reviewers to solicit reviews.
• Participate in book review exchanges with other authors in the Urban Fantasy genre.

Phase 2 – Brick & Mortar sales

Book Launch
• Approach local and independent bookstores to see if they will buy books.
• Donate books to local library and offer to speak
• Sell at fairs and markets in person
• Launch at independent bookstore. Make sure media are aware. Press release before, and after.

Press Releases
• Send press releases for any and all newsworthy items relating to the book, Immortalis Carpe Noctem. Such releases will include events like Author signings, new book format releases (Hardbound, ebook, etc…)

Book Reviews
• Target Genre specific reviewers to solicit reviews.
• Participate in book review exchanges with other authors in the Urban Fantasy genre.
Testimonials and Endorsements
• Link online reviews from respected retailers and social “book review” sites to Rising Sign Website.
• Use social networking sites such as: Mysapce, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc to spread the word about positive reviews.

Book Signings
• Target Major retailers – Barnes & Noble, Borders, etc… Arrange for book signings at various locations locally.
• Target Independent retailers and arrange for book signings.
• Be available for book signings in other cities around the United States.

Stay tuned for more in this Self-Publishing series. Step 5 - Helpful Marketing Tips 3/29/10

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Theresa Milstein said...

It looks like you've done your research and you have a lot of work ahead of you. It's impressive.

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