Lazy Linkies

I've been absolutely swamped lately, but I am still here.

I've been working hard to reach the August deadline I set for myself. One week left and Hunters & Prey is still so far from first draft status. Ugh. But enough whining.

I'm still here, lurking and responding to post when I get a free moment. In an effort to at least make one quicky post this week, I am going to do a linkspam day.


Informative Blog topics this week...

Agent - Rachelle Gardner, discusses briefly, Should you go to a Writers Conference?

Agent - Jessica Faust, discusses Hiring a Publicist.

Agent - Kristen Nelson, discusses How to get money out of a Publisher.

EditorialAss - Moonrat, discusses Agent Follow-ups. Make sure your Agent has a good Submission plan, and they are actually using it.

The Intern - discusses Making Money While you Wait.

And finally, a personal plug if you will. Sue Provost (my wonderful mother) just started a blog. Check it out if you have the chance. Let Your Life Sing.


Jennifer Shirk said...

I love it that your mom started a blog. :)

Susan R. Mills said...

I'll go check it out now!

Katie Salidas said...

I think it is pretty neat that Mom started a blog. Thanks for checking it out!

Tana said...

Thanx I'll go check out the Intern, sounds interesting!

Jessica Nelson said...

At least you're writing, even if it didn't go as fast as you wanted. :-) Go you!

Now I'm going to check out your momma's post! ;-)

Tess said...

links aren't lazy - they're fun!

Katie Salidas said...

Thanks Tess, Links are fun!

Jessica & Lazy Writer, thanks for checking out my Mom's blog!

T. Anne - The Intern is an awesome blogger. I love her posts.

Corey Schwartz said...

Oh, these look great. Thanks!

Deb said...

Thanks for the links and good luck with the writing. That's awesome that your Mom is writing and blogging too!

kah said...

I've been "blog lazy" too this week. I'm just so busy with my MS and work (and life in general). So I feel your pain, but hopefully other bloggers understand.

Robyn Campbell said...

Katie, I will check out your mama's blog. And you're not lazy and links aren't lazy either. You're just super busy and links are great! I feel your pain! Here's hoping you meet your deadline. :)

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