I've been lazy. I've played on the internet. I've written blogs where I should have been writing chapters. I've made excuses. I've blamed writers block. I've said my muse has gone on vacation. I've done everything possible to avoid finishing my second book.

That has to stop.

I can do this. I can finish the rough draft of book two. I need to put a fire under my ass and get this thing written.

Taking from old advice, I need to let myself write badly. This is just a rough draft. It doesn't have to be perfect.

I can't make excuses any longer.

I think what I need is a deadline. A firm goal to help push me to get this book done. I'm going to have to work with deadlines if/when I land that agent or editor who will get my first book published, so why not start now.

I'm giving myself until the end of august to finish the rough draft. I am writing this here so I have you all to hold me accountable. I must meet this goal. I will meet this goal. I can do this... I hope.

Wish me luck.


Tess said...

You can do, you WILL do it! Keep us posted.

btw, I've been a lazy, excuse making, bowl of jelly, too. this is a good kick in the pants reminder. thanks.

Jessica Nelson said...

I will.

I'm doing the same thing, only with my revisions. Sigh. Reading blogs and talking about writing is sometimes way more fun than actually writing. LOL

I'm with you. August, to be completely done with this book.

Deb said...

Hear hear! I'm with you. Well I haven't even started #2 so end of August might be a bit of a stretch for me. lol. Good luck! May the muse be with you!

BJW said...

You're brave!! You sound like me when I write in my writing journal. But you're doing it publicly. Good luck. Feel very similarly.

B.J. Anderson said...

You can do it!! Way to set a goal, too. I know you'll be able to do it. :)

MeganRebekah said...

I have been feeling the same way all last week. I've found every excuse in the book not to write my book! I just need to sit down and do it, remembering that the first draft is going to full of glaring faults.
So let's light that fire and do it!

Katie Salidas said...

Thanks for cheering me on. I am already making progress. I've almost got chapter 14 finished. I can do this. I can do this!!!

Anonymous said...

You think you can you think you can you think you can you think you can!
I think you can, too. :D

Michelle D. Argyle said...

Good luck! Just remember how good it feels to finish. But also remember that these things sometimes take a lot of time and thinking. Don't rush too much and sacrifice the integrity of your story.

Robyn Campbell said...

You go girl! I think I've been a bit lazy using the excuse, "But I'm hunting agents, how can I write anything for new WIP?" No more! *she slams fists on desk*

You can do it. We all can. :)Gulp

Danyelle L. said...

You can do it! Good luck with your goals!

kah said...

Good luck! But I think this lazy writer thing is contagious. Many of us are feeling the same way this week. So you've got sympathy from me ;)

JAlexander said...

You can do it. Just imagine Santino sitting next to you at the computer with a big weapon in his hand or something. :-)

Oh no... not THAT kind of weapon!!

UGH - Time for me to go write more erotica, apparently my mind is in the gutter!!

Kathy said...

A deadline is a good idea.

Now get writing!!

Susan R. Mills said...

Good luck, Quixotic! It's important to have goals. I set them all the time, but often don't reach them. I do get closer, though!

JAlexander said...

OK - I am setting a goal this weekend of 2000 words.

Do you have a goal for this weekend? You wanted us to bug you and hold you accountable. :-)

Bug, Bug, Bug.

Katie Salidas said...

Great goal Jenna. I've got no weekend goal. I have too many activities going on. I'd be happy if I wrote a paragraph. LoL. But next week I need to get a couple chapters written. That means up to 5k words.

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