Promoting You

So, the loose topic this week has been, promoting. For many, this advice is old news. But that doesn't mean it isn't valuable.

We, as authors, should be promoting ourselves before, during, and after our book is published.

We have a veritable schmorgasborg (did I spell that right?) of free ways to get our names out there.

The first and easiest are the ones I think we are all using.

Blogging and Social networking.

How many of you have a Facebook account? Go ahead, raise your hand. It's ok. =p

How many of you have a Myspace account?

How about Linkedin?

Blogger? (obviously every hand should be raised here.)


Those are just the tip of the iceberg. Check this list out.

Social networking is free and the easiest way to create a presence on the internet. All it takes is a picture and a few words. Instantly, we have a little corner of the web with which to start self promoting.

You could start a fan page, dedicated to your upcoming book. You could tease bits and pieces of the story to get readers interested. You could chat with potential readers. Network with other authors, (and don't forget about agents and editors too) who use social networking.

So my real question here is, What are you doing to promote you and your WIP or published book? For you seasoned pro's, any advice for us newbies?


Jody Hedlund said...

Oh, do I have a long way to go in getting all my social networking up and running! I'm trying to slowly but surely get into the big game of promoting. My next plan is a website and putting more links on my blog about my projects.

Tess said...

The thought of adding more is overwhelming :o

I do want one of those new adorable netbooks, though. That would make it all SO much more fun!

Jessica Nelson said...

Ahhhh, free stuff. I love it! LOL I'm not really promoting myself yet, though I am joined to the social networks. Maybe when my wip is ready to query I'll set up stuff. (like I know how, snort) I'll have to come back here and check out your posts for info. :-)

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