Vacation time!

It is time for a much needed vacation. I am ready to relax and enjoy a full week of nothingness. No alarm clock, no time clock, no appointments, and no meetings. Yay!

Funnily enough, as I was perusing my blog list I ran across a blog post by Agent Janet Reid that hit home.

I recently started submitting my queries for Immortalis. While I have high hopes that it will be wildly sought after and agents will be clamoring to represent me, ( isn't having delusions of grandeur wonderful?) I know the reality of that happening is quite slim.

In Janet's recent blog post Justin's Case, she specifically tells writers that vacation time is not the time to be away from your writing. What if an agent wants to see it now??

With that in mind, I'm making sure I bring my laptop and handy-dandy thub drive, with all my necessary files. Just in case ;)

See you after Vacation!


Jessica said...

Awesome! I hope you have tons of fun!

Mary Lindsey said...

Good luck with Immortalis and have fun on your vacation.