Publishing process question?

Well I am nearing the end of another round of edits on Immortalis. I think I am really getting close to start looking for an agent and learning the next phase of the writing process... The Rejections.

Seriously though I am trying to go into this level headed. I don't expect any gushing reviews of my work. I expect quite a few rejections. Let's face it, I'm new to the game. I almost NEED them to help me progress.

Not saying I don't ever want to see Immortalis make it to print, just that I don't expect it to be an easy process.

That brings me to a question for other writers out there. Generally the first book a writer finishes, never see's the light of day, from the shelf of a bookstore. I think I read a statistic somewhere that said it is usually an author's third piece that has a shot at being published.

Now, I've put blood sweat and tears into this book. ( seriously, it's a vamp story... tons of blood, in there. =p) <--- that was supposed to be funny. did it work?

What happens when it does get rejected? What do you do with your work that doesn't get to book shelves? Do you publish it anyway with a vanity press? Do you file it away under your mattress, never to be read by anyone? Do you take it back to the drawing board and rewrite it?

What do you do?

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Jessica Nelson said...

Hey there, Congrats on almost being done! :-) I think going into things with your eyes open is the first step to being professional about this. :-)
I think what you do with the manuscript depends on the feedback you get, and if you have any new ideas percolating. To me, it helps to be working on a new project while I'm sending the old one out.
Do you have a crit group or online community to take a look at your query letter? Also, did you have anyone who reads vampire stuff read your book for plot holes, etc? Doesn't have to be another writer, though it helps. :-)
This is very exciting, I think! Don't give up on your book yet! There are tons of agents to query, then editors if agents pass. I bet you have at least a year before you need to decide what to do with Immortalis since querying takes so long.
Good luck!

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