Polite Rejections

I recently decided to suck it up and stick myself out there. I've been hiding behind "revisions," preventing me from starting the submission process. I know I can't revise forever. My baby-my story, must get out there and try to be a real book.

So, I chose a small group of agents, and started to submit.

Less than 24 hours after my first email query, I got the dreaded rejection letter.

I cringed as I opened it, fearing the worst.

What I found, was a polite, friendly, "sorry, but no."

Yes, it was an informal, "form" letter, but it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected it to be. The agent said no, but keep looking. It's the, "keep looking" part that really struck me. The agent could have stopped at "sorry, but no," and I would have been ok with that.

It was refreshing to read a word of encouragement, (generic or not).

Now that I got my first out of the way, im not so scared of the rest that will be comming soon. I know it takes many "no's," before you get a "yes."


Jessica Nelson said...

It really isn't so bad, at least until you near the end of your list (like I am *groan*). I haven't had anyone be rude at all. Here's to some requests! And good for you for sticking yourself out there. :-)

Katie Salidas said...

Thanks. I'm feeling good about my rejections so far. Got another one in my in-box today. I'm going to print them all out and make a book of them. LoL

Jennifer Taylor said...

As my agent says, it only takes one yes. So hang in there.

Katie Salidas said...

Thanks, I'm not letting myself get discouraged yet.

Tara Maya said...

It does get easier the more you do. If you look at getting the rejection itself as an accomplishment -- it means you sent your work out -- pretty soon you'll just be happily checking off rejects on your list, happy to have an answer to write down so you can send out the next one.

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